Well Worn Black High Top Chucks

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Black high tops that have at least six months of regular wear.

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blackhi101 blackhi102 blackhi103 blackhi104 blackhi105 blackhi106 blackhi107 blackhi108
Left inside patch view Left outside view Right inside patch view Right outside view Rear view Front view Top view Closeup of right shoe inner lining
blackhi109 blackhi1201 blackhi1202 blackhi1203 blackhi1204 blackhi1205 blackhi1206 blackhi1207
Outer sole view Right inside patch view Right outside view Left inside patch view Left outside view Rear view Front view Angled side view
blackhi1208 blackhi1209 blackhi1210 blackhi1211 blackhi1212 blackhightop11 blackhightop12 blackhightop13
Angled front view Top view Closeup of left shoe inner lining Inside patch views Outer sole view Inside patch view. Rear patch view. Front view.
blackhightop14 blackhightop15 blackhightop181 blackhightop182 blackhightop183 blackhightop184 blackhightop185 blackhightop186
Inner sole view. Outer sole view. Inside patch view. Closeup of ankle patch showing scratch Front view. Rear view. Top view Inner sole view.
blackhightop187 blackhightop188 blackhightop191 blackhightop192 blackhightop193 blackhightop194 blackhightop195 blackhightop196
Outer sole view. Outside view. Inside patch view. Outside canvas view. Front view. Rear view. inner sole view. Outer sole view.
blackhightop201 blackhightop202 blackhightop203 blackhightop204 blackhightop205 blackhightop206 blackhightop207 blackhightop208
Inside patch view. Closeup of loose stitching. Outside canvas view. Front view Rear view. Top view. Inner sole view. Outer sole view.
blackhightop21 blackhightop211 blackhightop212 blackhightop213 blackhightop214 blackhightop215 blackhightop22 blackhightop220
Inside patch view. Inside patch view. Front view. Top view. Inner sole view. Outer sole view. Front view. Inside patch view.

It takes a lot of wear and tear to get your chucks well worn. Probably six months to a year from a new pair.
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