The Straight Across Lacing Method for Low and High Top Chucks.



inner lacing detail

Inside lacing detail on a high top.


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For high top chucks you will do the same steps as shown for low top chucks. Start at the bottom like you normally do, by evenly dividing the lace between the two #8 eyelets. Make sure that the first lace across is over the eyelets. Instead of crossing it over the tongue of the shoe, first take the right part of the lace under the #7 right eyelet and bring it through then go across the shoe to the left #7 eyelet. Next take the left lace from under the #8 left eyelet and bring in underneath to the #6 left eyelet. Bring the lace through and across to the #6 right eyelet. As you are doing this, be sure to keep the lace flat, with no twists or wrinkles. Now continue with lace under the #7 left eyelet. Keeping it flat on the left inside of the shoe, take it to the #5 left eyelet and bring it through and over to the #5 right eyelet. The lace at the #6 right eyelet then is brought underneath to the #4 right eyelet and across to the #4 left eyelet. You keep alternating the laces until you reach the #1 pair at the top. (The right lace for eyelet #1 will come a single eyelet from right eyelet #2).