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Mira Lieb and Tim Tidemann wear black high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Laura Gabriel wears white low top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Tim Tidemann wears grey high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Nina Kaiser wears red high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Many other cast members wear Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series (see below).


Die Pfefferkorner

(The Peppercorns)


Die Pfefferkorner still 1

Lilly, Karol, Yeliz, Laurenz, and Marie, the Season 7-9 Peppercorns.


The Peppercorns are five young friends from Hamburg who become amateur detectives. After school, they start meeting at an unused upper floor of a spice company in the historic warehouse district of Hamburg which becomes their headquarters and explains the origin of their name. With their own intelligence, legwork, personal networking, and support of the Internet, the detectives pursue polluters, burglars, car thieves, illegal animal smugglers, and drug counterfeiters. They also help each other with personal problems at home or with friends, or when one or more of them are pursued by bullies or criminals. There is a strong thread of soap opera in the series, as the various Peppercorns develop romantic relationships among themselves or the closeness of their friendships are altered by events.


Die Pfefferkorner still 2

The Peppercorns standing in front of their school.


Over the seventeen seasons of the series there were many sets of cast members and many of the cast members wore pairs of chucks. This feature will document them, and take a close look at the cast and action of Seasons 5-7. In 2007, new seasons of the show were ordered with an all new cast. The five Peppercorns during these episodes were Laura Gabriel as Lilly, Moritz Glaser as Karol, Mira Lieb as Yeliz, Tim Tiedemann as Laurenz, and Nina Flynn as Marie. In this cast, four of the five lead kids wear chucks in many of the episodes. Laurenz wears gray or black high top chucks, Lily wears white low tops, Yeliz wears black high tops, and Marie wears red high tops.


Die Pfefferkorner still 3

Brother and sister Marie and Laurenz seated in the Peppercorn’s clubhouse.


Other cast members wearing chucks are: Luna Winter who plays Lou Flynt and wears grey low tops and red high tops during the 27 episodes of Seasons 18-19, 2021-2023; Otto von Grevenmoor plays Till and wears maroon high tops during the 27 episodes of Seasons 12-13, and 16, 2015-2019; Martha Fries plays Jessi and wears red high tops during the 26 episodes of Seasons 10-12, 2013-2015; Ronja Levis plays Nele Grevemeyer and wears red high tops during the 25 episodes of Seasons 16-17, 2018-2021; Emma Roth plays Lisha Schulze and wears lime green high tops during the 13 episodes of Season 15, 2017-2018; Caspar Fischer-Ortmann plays Tarun Singh and wears black low tops during the 13 episodes of Season 18, 2021-2022; Danilo Kamperidis plays Anton and wears jungle green high tops during the 13 episodes of Seasons 11-12, 2014-2015; Merle de Villiers plays Ceyda and wears black low tops during the 13 episodes of Seasons 11-12, 2014-2015; Johanna Götting plays Kiara and wears neon lime high tops during 3 episodes of Season 14, 2017; and Yvonne Hornack plays Astrid Dietz and wears black low tops during 1 episode of Season 13, 2016.


Die Pfefferkorner still 4

Karol, Lilly, Laurenz, and Yeliz talking over strategy.


In Season 5 we meet the new detective team of Karol, Lilly, Yeliz, Laurenz, and his younger sister, Marie. In the first episode Lilly discovers two burglars who are about to steal her school’s computers. The team hooks up with former Peppercorn Natascha (Vijessna Ferkic) now a police officer to prevent that. In subsequent episodes the team finds a stash of diamonds hidden inside fish from a market and must fight off gangsters who try to steal the gems. They fight back against criminals who are exporting fake, ineffective drugs to Kenya. When Lilly’s grandmother’s car is stolen with her pet cat in the backseat, the team searches for the missing vehicle. In Season 6, Laurenz finds a seriously-injured swan in a city lake, apparently the victim of an animal tormentor, and they search for the sadistic man who did that. Later, an accident with a parked car puts Karol on the trail of a stolen painting. Zarina, the 14-year-old daughter of a Pakistani business partner of the Krogmanns, goes missing and the team helps search for her. After an exotic parrot flutters into an open window, pursuit of the owner leads the team to discover unscrupulous animal smugglers of rare and endangered species.


Die Pfefferkorner still 5

Laurenz, Karol, and Marie seated in their clubhouse.


Season 7 has just two episodes before the team changes: Laurenz and Marie are emigrating to South Africa with their parents. Meanwhile Karol is knocked to the ground by a woman running from armed pursuers. At headquarters he discovers that he has a chip in his pocket, placed there by the woman. The peppercorns discover that the chip contains print templates for euro notes. Now the team must deal with counterfeiters when they come back to retrieve the chip. In the second episode, Marie discovers a frightened boy who has apparently been robbed and is suffering from amnesia. Back at their headquarters, Karol doesn’t believe the boy’s story. But Marie protects him. She wants to show him the city, maybe he will remember his name or something of his past life. Meanwhile, Karol and Yeliz look around the crime scene and discover hidden clothes and valuables. Who is the boy and what is he hiding from? These and other episodes are available on DVDs, YouTube, and streaming services.


Die Pfefferkorner still 6

Closeup shot of Marie’s red high top chucks.

Die Pfefferkorner still 7

Till boosted up by his mom.


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