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Chuck Talk—Winter/Spring, 2024

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Super Bowl Sunday Sees Chucks in Big Commercials


February 11 was Super Bowl Sunday with Super Bowl LVIII emanating live from Las Vegas, Nevada. While the big game saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 on their way to back-to-back championships, the yearly tradition of the commercials taking center stage returned as 125 million people watched on. Over the years, the Super Bowl commercial has become the most expensive and widely seen ad spot for companies with a 30-second spot costing $7 million this year. These days many companies produce ads that are a couple of minutes long and then cut them down to 30 seconds. This year a few companies prominently featured chucks in their ads and one of these was one of the best of the night.


T-Mobile and Doritos ads featured chucks this Super Bowl.


The first ad that featured chucks came from T-Mobile. It stars Donald Faison, Zach Braff, and Jason Mamoa, with Braff wearing maroon chucks in the spot. Faison and Braff have been doing a lot of TV commercials with each other over the past few years, riding a wave of Scrubs nostalgia and online love for their friendship. In this ad, they set Jason Mamoa up with T-Mobile WiFi through the power of song and dance. This mini-musical is fun and charming but it does rely on how much you care about this duo’s friendship. The second ad to feature chucks this year was one of the best of the night. It comes from Doritos and stars Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez. In the spot, Jenna is shopping with her two abuelas Dina and Mita. They spot Doritos’ new Dinamita chips but have them scooped away by Ramirez. Dina and Mita chase Ramirez all over the city, on scooters, by foot, and on a zipline. We see he’s wearing a pair of well-worn grey chucks throughout this epic chase. The two senior citizens get into a karate fight with the Top Gun: Maverick star and end up with the coveted chips. However, Jenna, who has been oblivious to all this as she continued to shop, catches up with them and takes the chips. She snacks away as they side-eye her. This was one of the more memorable ads of the night, due to the star power, fun premise, and chucks!


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Step Into a Whole New Dimension


To create something truly unique with chucks is a hard thing to do. They’ve been around for so long and so many designers have painted across the iconic canvas that doing something that has never been done before gets harder and harder each year. This week though, designer Feng Chen Wang created something truly unique and unlike anything seen before. Feng Chen Wang is a Chinese-born, London-based designer who has quickly ascended to stardom in the last decade. After studying Fashion Menswear at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London, and graduating in 2015, she debuted at New York Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2016. Since then she’s won numerous awards and even designed the official uniform for the flag bearers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Now, she has lent her creative mind and trendsetting style to chucks.


These chucks break the mold and each other in this fusion design.


The Converse x Feng Chen Wang 2-in-1 Chuck 70 is truly a Frankenstein-esque design. This low-top shoe fuses two sneaker halves together, and while you can clearly see where the fuse has occurred, the design acts as one cohesive whole. The exaggerated stacked foxing and outsole creates a glitched look and doubles as a way to turn the shoe nearly into a platform with extra height. This design also inspires imagery of one shoe breaking out of another for a dynamic sight on your feet. This design also features a custom Feng Chen Wang sock liner, and Feng Chen Wang screen printed branding on the outer canvas. The Converse x Feng Chen Wang 2-in-1 Chuck 70 is available in two colorways, Brown Rice or Myrtle, and can be purchased on the Converse site as well as Wang’s site.


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Ring in the Year of the Dragon with New Chucks


Lunar New Year is the beginning of the new year based on the lunar calendar and is widely celebrated worldwide. Chinese New Year is a festival that celebrates the beginning of a new lunar year and is based on the Chinese calendar with animals assigned to years. This year, the lunar new year begins on February 10th with this being the Year of the Dragon. The Dragon symbolizes power, nobility, honor, luck, and success and its year is forecasted to bring about opportunities, changes, and challenges. With all that in mind, Converse has created a special Lunar New Year collection that is bold like a dragon and hopefully brings you new luck in the New Year.


Luck and positive changes await you in these chucks!


The first pair of chucks in the collection is the Chuck Taylor All Star Lunar New Year Dragon Graphic high top. The design celebrates the dragon with fire-breathing graphics and details printed on a denim canvas. The graphic print is inspired by traditional porcelain artwork and really celebrates the dragon. The extra red laces and dragon-inspired graphics on the insole and outsole are also a nice touch. Next, the Chuck 70 Lunar New Year Patchwork features a stunning red patchwork of materials and dragon scales that turn your feet into the paws of a dragon. They also include dragon graphics on the tongue lining and the outsole and an extra set of laces with a dragon's head lace jewel. Then there’s the Chuck 70 Lunar New Year Double Lace, which features a red, outer lacing system across the canvas. This striking red lace cris-crosses across a white flaky, textured canvas which creates the image of a dragon flying across the sky. Finally, there’s a design for kids that’s available in Little Kids and Toddler sizes. This design features dragon scales on the canvas and a cartoon dragon on the straps. So Kung Hei Fat Choi to all who celebrate this Chinese New Year!


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Dress Up Your Optical White Chucks with Retro Shoelaces


Retro shoelaces fit in width between classic shoelaces and fat shoelaces. At 1/2 inch wide, they are the shoelaes that were shipped with new pairs of vintage chucks. If you want to make a color splash with your optical white chucks, dressing them up with a pair of retro shoelaces gives them a bolder look. By using either navy blue or red shoelaces, you can match the trim color on these chucks.


optical white high top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholacesoptical white top top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholaces

Optical white high and low top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholaces.


Retro sholaces are hard to find these days; luckily The ChucksConnection has a large inventory of the red and navy blue laces shown here in both 45 inch and 54 inch lengths. Go to our shoelace home page for links to purchase retro shoelaces in these and other colors.


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Catch Feelings in Chucks


Love is everywhere right now. In the air, on the streets, and in your homes. It’s a regular love infestation and no one is safe. If you have been hit by this wave, you may be wondering what to do about it, especially with Valentine’s Day just a month away. Well, Converse has released its annual Valentine’s Day collection, and it has plenty of stylish options for everyone. Let’s start with the BeMY2K Heart design, which harkens back to the early days of the 2000s and is the main design this year. It features tiny silicone hearts and metallic paint details that are supposed to act like a personalized love letter written in gel and glitter pens. The rhinestone heart lace adds some extra sparkle, which contrasts well with the raised silicone. The leather All Star patch even features a red, silicone heart graphic at the center. This design is available on the classic chucks, platforms, Chuck 70s, and the Run Star Hike. Finally, there are apparel items including shirts, hoodies, and a tote bag.


Valentine's Day red high tops

Break hearts and catch eyes in new Valentine’s chucks.


This year’s Valentine’s collection also includes some love themed customizable designs. There’s a wide variety of hearts in different styles and colors that can be used to truly personalize your message of love. This collection also includes child sized chucks so that everyone celebrate love this month. These chucks make for a great gift for someone special in your life, or as something for yourself to show some love to the world. Whatever you do this next month, let the people in your life know you love them and spread some joy.


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Elevate Your Look with New Chucks Heels!


While chucks started out first as a first basketball shoe, they’ve held many identities over the years. They’ve been everyday sneakers, shoes for rebels, and even high-fashion footwear. Their iconic look and versatility mean that they fit in all these roles effortlessly and allow for endless remixing of the classic into new forms. One of the best remixes of chucks in recent years has been their conversion into raised heels and platforms. The new De Luxe Heels Collection is the next step in that evolution.


Black and white Deluxe Heels high top

These high-rise shoes offer a unique combination of style and comfort that will help you stand out from the crowd.


This collection includes two models: the Wedge and the Heel. The Wedge is the newest edition to the lineup and it stands out. The large, molded wedge heel is bold, eye-catching, and doesn’t look real at first glance. The square angles give this that 90s vibe that’s reminiscent of shoulder pads in suits. This wedge is combined with the classic canvas upper that is unmistakably a chuck. The Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel pairs the unmistakable Chuck Taylor design elements you have always known with a bold, lugged heel for a look worthy of the runway. The heel is a chunky platform with just the right height and thickness and features a lugged brown sole that gives the heel a rugged look. The Wedge is currently available in white and black colorways, while the Heel is available in white, black and white, pink, all-black, and silver glitter. This shoe will be a perfect look to elevate your collection as we head into the end of Winter and into Spring!


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Combine the Rugged with the Classic


We are in the full throws of Winter here in the US. All across the country, people are dealing with the cold, rain, and snow. When that weather hits, you’re going to need something that can handle it and that might not be your standard chucks. Something a bit more rugged may be necessary and that’s where the Chuck Taylor All Star City Trek comes into play. These are a combination of the classic chucks you know and love and a rugged boot. This high top features a canvas upper paired with a tough traction outsole. This combination of the classic chucks look with a rugged bottom creates a striking profile and look. The CX cushioning insoles offer next-level comfort and the outsole offers great grip which makes these an all-day, all-around option. These City Trek chucks are available in three colorways: white on white with black striping, classic black and white, and grey and white. The white-on-white with black striping is especially striking and stands out with the rugged black sole.


Black City Trek high top and view of the heavy duty soles.


Now we’ve seen the City Trek Waterproof Boot which serves as a more durable version of these, as those have a leather upper as opposed to canvas. However, the canvas version may prove to be the better option for a more varied use. The material may not be waterproof but the breathability means that you can wear these for more of the year than the leather. Even after the Winter weather has subsided, the City Treks will be ready for the streets in Spring. The Chuck Taylor All Star City Trek is available for $80 in unisex sizes, and this lugged yet flexible chuck may be the perfect addition to your collection to start out the year.


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Scrumdiddlyumptious Chucks are Here


Who doesn’t love candy? Chocolate, gummies, jawbreakers, hard, powder, chews, and lollipops make the world go round. Perhaps no one has done more for the true magic of candy than the character of Willy Wonka. Through his two movies, the wondrous candy maker has made every kid dream of one day getting to visit his magical factory and try the greatest candy the world has ever known. Now, Timothée Chalamet steps into the jacket and top hat to give his spin on the beloved character in the new film simply titled Wonka. In a partnership with Converse, Warner Bros. has released a new Wonka-themed collection. Let’s start with the classic Chuck Taylor All Star which is themed to whimsical candy swirls. Ribbons of differing purple shades adorn the canvas with a white, extra large “Wonka” logo and chocolate leather All Star patch. There’s also a touch of gold that reveals itself on the collar and continues in the sock liner. Finally, there is a piece of Wonka chocolate acting as the license plate. These are available in limited quantities for $75.


Willy Wonka high top chucks

Come with me and you’ll be in some shoes of pure imagination.


For something a bit more…orange, the Chuck 70 Oompa Loompa’s may be the shoe for you. These have a blistering orange, hairy suede upper, and green furry laces that truly mimic the look of the beloved musical workers. These are available in limited quantities for $120. The kids can also get in on the candied fun, as there are two kids-sized and a toddler-sized chucks available. There is a classic chuck themed to chocolate and an easy-on chuck themed to candies from the film. The toddler chucks have the same chocolate design but with colored straps. Finally, there is a good selection of apparel in this collection, including shirts, sweaters, joggers, and a bucket hat. Everything here is limited edition so you may want to grab them while you can if you want to turn your shoe rack and closet into Willy Wonka’s factory.


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Happy New Year!


As we move into 2024, “all about chucks” continues to be our main focus. Whether it is the appearance of chucks in films or television series, their presence in music videos, or in print articles about them, we will continue to keep you informed with reviews and listings. As always, we are grateful for site visitors who send us tips in all of those categories. Many thanks to all of our contributors. We will also continue to archive information and pictures about people who like to wear chucks from celebrities to just plain folk.


black and red high top chucks

What color chucks will you sport in 2024?


We will continue to inform you about new models and seasonal colors of chucks as they are issued. It is always nice to have choices to select from in your closet. Whether you like to sport many different colors with your wardrobe or just stick to that one favorite, the main thing is to always stay laced in a pair of chucks. Chuck Taylor All Stars continue to be timeless and cool!


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All I Want for Christmas is a Pair of Chucks


Correspondent Marcus Angulo writes: This Christmas, my mom was struggling with finding something to get me as a gift so she did what everyone should do when they’re in that situation: she asked me what I wanted. I gave her a list that was primarily focused on cold-weather items. This is because I have an upcoming trip to Sweden, and as a California boy, I am in dire need of items that can withstand a Winter in Scandinavia. This was especially evident in my current shoe selection where I have nothing that would be considered a waterproof option. Being from California, I love chucks and I’ve had my eyes on various Converse boots for a while now. Specifically, the City Trek Waterproof Boots have been a favorite of mine since they first dropped due to their simple yet rugged look.


city trek high top chucks

My favorite Christmas present this year!


So I added them to my list and wished for either the black or the tan colorways due to their versatile styling options. However, my mom had other plans. She did a lot of shopping for my sister and me at Tilly’s and while going through the site she found the City Treks in a Grey and Black colorway. It turns out that these are a Tilly’s exclusive that I didn’t know about, but once my mom saw them she loved them. As soon as I opened them on Christmas Eve, I loved them too. The grey is striking and very stylish, and I think they’ll go well with a lot of my wardrobe. I was also gifted grey and black scarves and beanies that will go well with these. I’m very excited for my trip to Sweden, as I’ve never been to Europe and I’ll finally get to experience a real Winter while still wearing chucks!


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A Chucks Road Trip to Soothe the Soul


More from our correspondent Marcus Angulo: I’m from California. I was born and raised here, and I’ve never lived anywhere else. I’ve been all over the state, from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to the Central Valley. Throughout all that moving around, I’ve always had chucks on my feet. I wore them when I was a kid riding my bike in my neighborhood on the Central Coast and in high school during class and on the team bus to all my football games. I took them to college with me in LA and wore them around campus and as I explored the city. I wore my chucks on every road trip with my friends, whether it was on a beach trip in SLO or when we drove through the Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevadas to the state line. So when I decided a few months ago that I was gonna do a road trip to Los Angeles to see All Elite Wrestling’s November Pay-Per-View, there was little doubt that I was going to wear my chucks. Originally, this was gonna be a road trip with my best friend where she’d get to go to a wrestling show for the first time, and we’d get to have our first road trip together since before the pandemic. Unfortunately, life got in the way and my friend wasn’t able to make this trip, and while I thought about not going, I decided to make the most of a bad situation and turn this into a memorable solo trip! So I packed some clothes and only one pair of shoes: my chucks.


I took a day off from work to leave early on a Friday morning, as it’s a 5-hour drive for me and I didn’t want to get caught in LA’s r\.ush hour traffic. The drive down Interstate 5 is incredibly boring, with a sea of nothing but empty fields and the California Aquaduct to keep you company. As I made my way south I did a lot of thinking about where I’m at in my life. To tell you the truth, I have not been in a good place mentally for a while now, and I came to the conclusion that this trip was something I really needed to hopefully get me in a better place. I traversed the Grapevine and got into the Greater LA Area in good time. I decided to make a quick stop at my alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona, to see the changes they made to the campus before heading to my hotel in Brea. I checked in and grabbed some dinner before heading to Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort to do some early Christmas shopping for my family. Disneyland has always been a source of joy for me going back to when I was a kid, so being at the resort put me in a good headspace. I then headed back to the hotel to rest for the big day.


I awoke Saturday and left the hotel early so I could hit some of my favorite spots before the big show. This included heading to the Natural History Museum at Expo Park. They have an amazing collection of fossils and I was a big dinosaur kid growing up. I’m actually still a big dinosaur kid so this was a great time for me. I then got lunch at the Farmer’s Market, which brought back a lot of great memories from college of going there with my family when they would visit me. I then headed to the “Fabulous Forum” in Inglewood for the show. Growing up as a massive Laker fan, getting to see the Forum in person was a dream come true. I made my way inside, took my seat, and proceeded to watch a great show. Full Gear 2023 wasn’t AEW’s best show of the year, but it did have one of AEW’s best matches ever in “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland. Once the show was over, I headed back to my hotel room to prepare for my drive home.


My favorite pair of chucks at the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles.


Sunday morning I awoke early to start the long trip home. I did take my time as I made my way North though, stopping multiple times to check out some sights and rest stops along the way. In the end, this whole trip was a long therapy session for me. I went to places that were nostalgic and brought me back to happier times, all while wearing my chucks. A comfort trip in my comfort shoes.


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A Stitchin’ Good Chuck Has Arrived


Customizing chucks is a cherished pastime. Whether doing it on your own, or with the help of Converse’s tools, it is easy to take pride in the designs you create that truly make a pair of chucks yours. Converse has recently released some new options to help you out in that department with the Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Embroidery By You which features customizable embroidered patterns. While some who may be more talented with a needle and thread have been stitching designs into their chucks for years, it is nice that that kind of elevated artwork can now be available to anyone.


Embroidered blue high top chuck

Unravel a thread of inspiration with these customizable embroidered chucks!


The stitching patterns here vary between two categories: Earth and Sky. The Earth designs center around flowers and hearts. The flowers include some floral patterns in both large and small, and two colors: gold and silver. There is also a red rose design that’s also available in large and small. The heart design comes in three colors: red, silver, and gold. The Sky designs stars, suns, moons, and some celestial elements, all available in silver and gold. The star design has three clusters, while the sun is a half-sun with a face. The moon design features three moons, while the sun and moon design is smaller and sits in the bottom corner of the shoe. Finally, there’s the celestial pattern which has multiple stars and astrological symbols scattered all over the canvas. All these patterns give you a lot of options when designing your chucks when combined with the other customizable elements such as the rubber details, eyelets, laces, stitching, and your choice of sixteen canvas colors and three denims. The new Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Embroidery By You is available now for $95 with the possibility to upgrade to a CX Comfort insole for a $5 additional charge.


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Kopites Support The Reds in Chucks


Liverpool Football Club is one of the most beloved football clubs in the world. From the Kop at Anfield and the Shankly Gates to the far reaches of the globe, love for The Reds runs deep. Uniting this global fanbase is the club's incredible culture and storied history. The rich traditions and camaraderie that binds every LFC fan together creates an incredibly special atmosphere every time The Reds take the pitch. When 55,000 fans at Anfield sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in unison as Mo Salah charges towards a goal, there is no place like it in sports. This is why the first collaboration between LFC and Converse earlier this year was so popular, as fans rushed to have a little bit of Anfield on their feet. Well, the two are back again with new apparel, chucks, and custom options to add to your collection.


The Spirit of Shankly lives on the chucks canvas.


This new limited-edition collection builds on the foundation of the previous drop earlier this year. As before, the focal point of this collection is the Converse x LFC Chuck 70. However, instead of focusing on red and black, this new chuck is clad in Kombu green. This is meant to be a re-imagination of LFC's iconic away colors while also focusing on the style and creativity of the club's supporters. This design keeps the iconic, red liver bird over the L.F.C. initials on the tongue, and the LFC license plate at the heel with the classic Chuck Taylor All Star ankle patch. If you are looking for something more red to support The Reds, the classic Chuck Taylor All Star in this collection may be what you're looking for. With a simple red canvas as the base, this chuck also features the red liver bird on the heel, and the LFC license plate. Finally, there are new custom options with new rainbow and gradient colorways and 4 new prints: The LFC crest, a “You’ll Never Walk Alone” themed one, an Anfield design, and one that features sea hollies, the official plant of Liverpool. The rest of the collection is bulked out by a Converse Star Player 76 and apparel that includes shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and hats. So if you missed out on the first collection, now is your chance to support The Reds with chucks!


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pgLang Keeps It Mysterious


Kendrick Lamar sealed his status as one of the hip-hop GOATs years ago. He’s released classic after classic, and every time he drops a new project it feels like an event. The world listens when he speaks and that is the mark of a true great. In recent years, he has ventured outside the world of music with his brand pgLang. Launched in March 2020 with filmmaker Dave Free, the brand is described as a “multilingual, artist-friendly, at-service company” that aims to create music, film, television, art, books, and podcasts. Along with producing music, such as Lamar’s album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, the brand has produced films, launched community programs, and has been heavily involved in several ad campaigns. They’ve also been in a prominent partnership with Converse, with their artists having brand deals with the company and the brand itself launching their own take on chucks last year. Now, the two brands are teaming up again to launch something unique.


pgLang chuck 70 toecapsInside patch view of a pgLang black high top chuck 70

Two great designs, but which will be yours?


The pgLang for Converse Chuck 70 is the brand’s latest take on the classic chucks design. This minimalist design features a black canvas with a black and gold ankle patch that has the words “pgLang for” in gold stitching above it. There are also hiking eyelets, a custom toe cap mold detail, a sock liner print, and a custom license plate with text graphic. However, what makes this drop truly unique is that there are two variations of this design. One features Converse Navy pinstriping on the left shoe and Irish Cream on the right; the other features Irish Cream pinstriping on the left with Converse Red on the right (see above). The best part is you don’t get to pick which variation you get! That will be left to luck and you won’t know until you open the box. The mystery and anticipation add such a fun element, and the fact that both variations are incredibly stylish means that no matter what you’ll end up with are a great pair of chucks!


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Explore New Horizons in the CX Explore


Chucks have always been a great shoe to wear outdoors. Whether it’s to the beach, a national park, or your local street fair, chucks are great for getting around this beautiful wide world of ours. However, some people do find long days doing activities in chucks taxing on their feet. Those people often look for ways to make the classic chucks more comfortable and easier to get stuff done in. The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star CX Explore may just be what those people have always been searching for. Available in several great color palettes, and taking cues from other rugged footwear, this new take on the All-American classic is sure to be a go-to for all those looking for something a little different on their next adventure.


CX Explore high top in ghosted blue and white

Trek to new horizons in the new CX Explore


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star CX Explore takes inspiration from retro hiking boots and its color palettes reflect that. The first color palette is a mixture of stone grey and blue. The grey acts as the base on the stretch canvas upper, while the blue acts as the accent. Those accents include the clear rubber sidewall, the All Star patch, the laces, and the heel stripe and loop. Another color palette is a bit more rugged being a mix of green and grey. Here, the primary color is green which features on the canvas, sidewall, and laces, while the grey is on the All Star patch and the area around the laces. The shown model above is ghosted blue and white. The designs of these give off the vibe of retro hiking boots, but they still retain that classic chucks style. Comfort has also been prioritized with the CX Foam midsole and sock liner providing next-level cushioning for all-day comfort. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star CX Explore makes for a perfect Fall addition to your closet for whatever treks you may undertake.


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Viral Chucks Showcase Creativity!


The creativity of chucks wearers knows no bounds. We’ve seen some incredible customization over the years. Chucks fans often paint stunning works of art on the iconic canvas celebrating their passions and artistic styles. Recently on Twitter, someone created something truly eye-catching. Twitter user @calygocat tweeted a picture of their yellow chucks with the caption “do you guys see the vision or did i just ruin a pair of shoes”. The picture featured their yellow chucks with hand-drawn lines that emphasized the wrinkles in the fabric and the edges of the shoe. The best thing this can be linked to is the video game series Borderlands or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. This line work was incredibly well done, as each stroke is perfectly placed. There are even outlines on the laces.


calygocat's yellow high top chucks

These viral chucks were a huge hit for their unique art style!


Safe to say that calygocat did NOT ruin this pair of shoes and many Twitter users seem to agree. As of this writing, calygocat’s tweet has been seen over 7.6 million times. It has also been retweeted 14.8k times and liked over 272k times. Many people commented under the original tweet that they loved the design and that they saw the vision. Some compared the style to not only to the video games mentioned earlier, but also to the visual style to various anime. As one user summed up perfectly: “Someone cooked here”. Finally, another user even tweeted that they did the same thing to their yellow chucks as well! Perhaps a trend was started here and we’ll see this art style used for cosplay and regular ware going forward!


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The Legend of Zelda: Chucks of the Kingdom


The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game franchise from Nintendo. Over the last 37 years, the franchise has become one of the most-played and most-beloved game series of all time. With the release of Breath of the Wild in 2017, the series was reinvented with a new, open version of Hyrule that allowed players to have endless adventures. Now six years later, Nintendo has released the long-awaited sequel: Tears of the Kingdom. The game takes place several years after Breath of the Wild and expands on the gameplay and world that players love. Since its release a few weeks ago, the game has been a massive success. It is truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word and chances are that if you’ve been able to play it, you love it. If you want to take that love a step further and combine it with your chucks, there are a few ways to go about it despite the fact that there hasn’t been an official release from Converse. So let’s get creative and cook up some custom chucks worthy of the Swordsman that can seal away the darkness.


Legend of Zelda custom high top

Create your own chucks that show your love for the Kingdom of Hyrule and the adventures you’ll have in Tears of the Kingdom.


The easiest option to fashion some chucks is to use the Converse Customizer to create a color palette that resembles something from the game. So many unique and recognizable color palettes from the game would look great on a pair of chucks. There’s the primary color palette of the game, which is a combination of teal and dark green seen on the Zonai technology and most of the UI. You can also do color combos for your favorite characters like Zelda, Link, Purah, or even Ganondorf. You can even create a color palette for the different regions in Hyrule or even a pair that resembles your favorite set of armor from the game. For those that are crafty, you can go the extra mile and add details from the game with paint, such as the Zonai markings or the lights that emanate from shrines. The choice is yours but the possibilities are endless for anyone wanting to show their love for a game that truly is a masterpiece.


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Chucks Take Center Stage in the Squared Circle


Pro Wrestling is the great American storytelling art form. Born and bred in the bingo and VFW halls in small towns all across this country, the eternal battle between good and evil inside the squared circle combines stunning emotions and brutal physicality to bring to life a story unlike any other. While traditionally wrestlers have worn wrestling boots, in recent years other footwear have graced the educated feet of those brave enough to lace up and enter the ring. Wrestlers have gone barefoot, and worn running shoes, sneakers, high heels, and Jordans. There is also a pretty storied history of wrestlers wearing Chuck Taylors and using them to further their characters.


Skye Blue and AJ Lee are among the performers who wear chucks in the ring.


The most well-known wrestler to have the All Star patch on their ankle in the ring is AJ Lee. Lee was, for a time, the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in WWE and one of the promotion's most popular wrestlers. She did all this while wearing chucks of varying heights and colors, alternating between knee-high and low-top chucks during her historic career. AJ also famously name-dropped chucks in a promo saying, “I got here because I was good. I earned this Championship and no matter how many red carpets you guys want to walk in your four thousand dollars ridiculous heels, you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors”. Since AJ’s retirement in 2015, others have also worn chucks in the ring. WWE’s best backstage interviewer Cathy Kelly frequently wears chucks both during her segments and on her Instagram. Alexa Bliss briefly wore chucks when her character took a dark and twisted turn a few years ago, and up-and-coming and recently signed AEW star Skye Blue also wears chucks during her matches, and she looks to have a very promising career in front of her. All these incredible performers wear chucks not only for practicality but also for characterization. Whether you’re a rebellious champion, a plucky backstage reporter, a twisted and possessed demon, or an up-and-coming star, chucks work to establish your character and help you kick butt.


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Liverpool F.C. and Converse Create From the Ground Up


Liverpool Football Club is one of the most storied and beloved football clubs in the world. From the Kop at Anfield and the Shankly Gates to the far reaches of the globe, love for The Reds runs deep. Uniting this fanbase is the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Originally a show tune from the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, the song was eventually covered by Liverpool natives Gerry and the Pacemakers. This version became the anthem of Anfield in the 1960s and has been a beloved part of LFC ever since. The song gained another level of meaning after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, where 97 Liverpool supporters died in a crush against perimeter fencing at Hillsborough Stadium. The track became more than a song, more than a motto. It became the identity of LFC and the unifying cry to all those that call this club theirs because once you’re part of The Reds, you’ll never walk alone.


Liverpool Chuck 70

You’ll Never Walk Alone!


Inspired by the city’s creative spirit and love for the game, Converse has partnered with LFC to create a limited-edition collection. The focal point of this collection is the Converse x LFC Chuck 70. In a stunning black, egret, and red color palette, this shoe celebrates Liverpool’s rich history and culture. The first thing you’ll notice on the tongue is the iconic, red liver bird over the L.F.C. initials. These really pop on the black canvas. The canvas is also decorated with a patchwork of Sea Holly and “YNWA” (short for “You'll Never Walk Alone”). These elements are meant to pay homage to the many scarf designs held by Liverpool supporters. Finally, there is a molded LFC license plate at the heel and the classic Chuck Taylor All Star ankle patch. This design is so creative, striking, and proudly Liverpool. The Converse x LFC Chuck 70 is available now for $110, and the rest of the collection is rounded out by various apparel items and a Run Star Hike. So walk on with hope in your heart, and never walk alone in these Liverpool Football Club chucks!


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Elevate Your Look with New Chucks Heels!


Chucks have always been the shoe for the common person. From their inception, they’ve been an everyday staple in our lives on the court, at work, and in the streets. However, as they have become more and more iconic over the years, chucks have found their way into the halls of high fashion and art. They’ve been worn on the runway and now that runway look is coming back around in the form of the new Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel shoes. Converse has released high-heeled models in the past, and now with their greater popularity among women, there is a new line of high heeled chucks you can buy.


Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel sneaker.


The Chuck 70 De Luxe pairs the unmistakable Chuck Taylor design elements you have always known with a bold, lugged heel for a brand-new look worthy of the runway. These platform shoes offer a unique combination of style and comfort that will help you stand out from the crowd. Starting with a high-top body that goes up your ankle and showcases the iconic All Star ankle patch, the shoe also features a lugged brown sole that gives the heel a rugged look. The heel itself is a chunky platform that is just the right height. This edition comes in two neutral colors for easy styling with your wardrobe: black and egret. This shoe will be a perfect look for anyone looking to elevate their look this summer. The new Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel Shoes are available for $120 now as a Converse exclusive.


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Chucks in California’s Indomitable City


When you think of California, what images come to your mind? Hollywood? San Francisco Bay? San Diego beaches? Yosemite? There’s a more than likely chance that the city of Sacramento is not at the forefront. Despite being the state capital, Sacramento has always been the forgotten, oft-mocked, ugly step-child of a city in the Golden State. Often called “Sucktown” and referred to as California’s armpit, the city is derided for not having the extreme natural beauty of other parts of the state and is looked at as nothing more than a farming town whose importance stems from a bygone era of the state’s history. However, the City of Trees is the state’s true hidden gem of cities. Nestled on the meeting point of the American and Sacramento Rivers, the city is full of its own natural beauty with iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge, Sutter Fort, and Old Town.


Chuck Taylor mural in Sacramento

This mural by local artist Maren Conrad is called “Smashed” and is located at Urban Roots Brewery on 14th and V Streets in Sacramento.


We’ve talked before about the connection between chucks and the West Coast. Whether through hip-hop, skaters, punk rock, Chicano culture, or just the preferred footwear of millions of people, chucks have been a staple in the cultures of California for decades. Sacramento is no different, as chucks have their place in the city’s subculture. While some of this is due to those cultures we’ve talked about previously, Sacramento does have their own unique connection. With Sac’s unique natural surroundings, many in the city take the opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer. Day trips in chucks to the Tahoe area and the Sierra Nevada’s are often and very rewarding. Chucks are also a favorite among those who still work in Sacramento’s thriving agriculture industry. Chucks are also perfect for touring Sacramento’s various historical sights, and its thriving downtown. Sacramento will always be California’s underdog city, but this underdog is beautiful and tells its own story. Long live the City of Trees. Light the beam.


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The Last of Chucks


Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong. In the world of modern gaming, you can visit mystical lands, travel to the past or future, and embody the spirit of incredible heroes. Whether playing online or through a single player campaign, you can be inspired or horrified by the stories video games can tell. Arguably the greatest of these stories came in the form of 2013’s The Last of Us. Created by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by cannibalistic people infected by a mutated fungus in the genus Cordyceps. The game follows two main protagonists: Joel and Ellie. Joel is a lonely smuggler with a tragic past, and Ellie is an orphaned young girl that Joel is tasked with transporting across the hellscape that is the United States.


Ellie in The Last of Us

Ellie wears a pair of ragged red chucks throughout the game and in the new series on HBO Max.


When the story begins, we don’t know much about Ellie, except that she is a 14-year-old girl that the rebel group, the Fireflies, want kept safe and transported out of Boston. She is rash, foul-mothed, and impulsive, which is to be expected from a child who has grown up in a world like this. She wears a pair of ragged red chucks throughout the game, which fit her rugged and rebellious personality. Ellie is her own person from the second we meet her and we see that not only through her words, but by what’s on her feet as well. With the premiere of the live-action HBO adaptation starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, we will see this incredible story introduced to a whole new audience, and just like in the game, Ellie’s chucks will let the viewers know immediately that she is not one to mess with.


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New Shoelace Product Now Available


The ChucksConnection always has a large selection of shoelaces for your chucks, and now our collection of retro width shoelaces has been expanded to include a 63 inch long white retro shoelace. White retro width shoelaces, which were the laces included with chucks in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, are a full 3/8 inch wide. They fit in between standard flat athletic laces (7/16 inches) and fat laces (5/8 inches) in width. Now chucks wearers with nine eyelet pair shoes have access to a white retro shoelace. Also chucks wearers with eight eyelet pair models can get retro shoelaces in a longer length. Go to our Shoelaces Home Page for full details, general information, lacing guides, and access to our entire selection of shoelaces for your chucks.


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