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Chuck Talk—Summer/Fall, 2024

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Knee Highs are Back


Have you been feeling a bit more rebellious lately? Perhaps a tad more emo-tional? Maybe you’ve been itching to go to an Avril Lavigne concert for the first time in 20 years? That may be because for the first time in years, Converse is dropping the iconic Knee High Chuck Taylor All Stars. That’s right, the staple shoe for scene kids everywhere is back for a brand new generation of rebellious punks on June 28th. The always beloved, elongated chucks have been discontinued for nearly a decade but that hasn’t stopped their popularity. Fans have been clamoring for them to make a return and Converse has finally listened. So in preparation for their comeback, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how these legendary chucks gained their reputation.


Knee high chucks are back at the end of June.


The majority of people celebrating the return of knee highs remember them from the 2000s era of fashion. This is due in large part to the shoe’s mainstay status in a few different rebellious sub-cultures. The shoe was a favorite of pop-punk, scene, emo, and goth cultures as kids looked for ways to be different. Chucks have always been the shoe of the rebel, but knee highs showed you weren’t like anyone else. Knee highs also gained mainstream popularity with celebrities like Zendaya rocking them and former WWE Women’s Champion AJ Lee regularly wrestling in them. Since their discontinuation, resellers have price-gouged knee highs trying to make a buck off the nostalgia they bring people. However, with this official return, fans can be sure that they’ll be able to return to their roots without being ripped off. The Converse XXHi Knee High drops online on June 28 at 10 AM EST.


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A Triple Feature Chucks Catch-Up


The past few weeks have been kind to us chucks fans. We’ve seen a few drops of brand-new offerings and new takes on some favorites, so let’s take a look at what’s new from Converse. First up is the latest Converse and Carhartt collaboration. These two storied companies have collaborated a few times in the past and their latest drop continues the melding of workwear and chucks. The new Carhartt WIP Chuck Taylor All Star is made of overlaid suede panels in three archival Carhartt colors: Starfish, Tofu, and Dark Earth. The shoe also has some workwear-inspired features such as elasticated tongue gussets to lock the tongue in place, and elevated triple needle stitched “stripes” that reference Carhartt pant stitching. They are currently available for $100.


The Concrete Converse x DRKSHDW high top.


Next, we have another addition to the Converse and DRKSHDW collection. From the mind of storied fashion designer Rick Owens, the Converse x DRKSHDW DBL DRKSTR OVERDYE Chuck 70. This design ups the ante from previous installments of the DRKSTR by doubling the platform for an even bigger statement. The canvas is overdyed which makes it appear like washed jeans and is paired with other well-known DRKSHDW elements like the elongated tongue, custom license plate, molded toe cap, and staggered sidewall. The Converse x DRKSHDW DBL DRKSTR OVERDYE Chuck 70 is available in two colors, Concrete and Blonde, and runs $180 in limited quantities. Finally, the Chuck Taylor All Star Patchwork is a bright and vibrant drop with patchwork overlays that bring a fresh twist to the classic chucks look. All of these recent drops are fun and stylish additions to the ever-growing chucks lineup!


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Proud to Be Me in Chucks


June is Pride Month, an annual celebration that highlights positive social change and amplifies voices from the LGBTQIA+ community. It is also a time for reflection, on how far we have come in allowing those who identify to be true to themselves and how far we still have to go. During this time of year, there are celebrations worldwide, and many companies and brands attempt to offer a welcoming space to those in the community. Converse always celebrates the month in a big way, amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices and contributing to numerous charities that support a wide range of causes in the LGBTQIA+ community. This year these charities and organizations include the It Gets Better Project, The Theater Offensive, The Ali Forney Center, and BAGLY. Since launching the campaign in 2015, Converse has pledged $3 million to these groups and other important causes. This year, as in years past, Converse has partnered with LGBTQIA+ creators to bring a message to the collection they’ve put together. This year's lineup includes creators Alex, Dalton, Tommy, Fia, John, Olly, and Paris and focuses on Queer Joy.


Strike lightning in this year’s Pride chucks!


This year’s Pride Collection contains new design elements from previous years which helps keep the collection fresh while also honoring the past. This fits in with the message of this year's collection celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community’s past, present, and future. The classic Chuck Taylor All Star in this year’s collection features lightning embroidery, and a neon-rainbow tongue to highlight the bold, electric spirit of this community. This take on the rainbow banner is exciting and fresh and is really different from other pieces of Pride merch available right now. The other shoes in this collection, the Lift Platforms, CX Sandal, and Chuck 70, all have this same neon rainbow gradient and it always stands out. If none of these models are suiting your style, then there are plenty of options for custom chucks that may suit you better. Custom embroidered designs along with sexual orientation and gender identity color palettes allow for endless ways to truly express who you are. Because that is what Pride is truly all about: being able to truly be yourself free of judgment and prejudice while being surrounded by love. Happy Pride to everyone out there as you are able to safely express yourself in chucks!


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Walk Down the Aisle Into Wedded Bliss in Chucks


Can you hear the bells? That’s right, wedding season is here! As we are just a few weeks from the start of Summer, couples across the country are preparing for their big days as thousands of weddings take place from May to September every year. A wedding day is a way to express not only your love and shared connection but also yourselves. Many do this during the ceremony or during the reception but it can take many forms, from change of clothes, first dance routine, speeches, or surprise performances. The wardrobe is obviously a critical part of the wedding day whether you are a bride or groom, and everything is about expressing yourself. If you’re a chucks fan looking to show your love of not only your new spouse but also your favorite shoe, Converse may have an answer in the form of custom wedding chucks.


Rear view of black wedding high top chucks

Rear view of classic black Chuck Taylor wedding high tops.


The Wedding By You line of custom chucks features a wide range of design elements and personal touches that can add a bit of flair to your wedding ensemble. First, right off the back, this collection is all-inclusive to all couples with the ability to mix and match combinations of “leather” and “lace” style shoes, along with "Mrs., Mr., Bride," and "Groom” graphics. You have a choice of colored canvas, premium leather, and festive glitter or lace upper. You can also get pairs that look exactly like classic Chuck Taylor high tops with the addition of the writing on the upper canvas or outer foxing. There are three wedding-inspired midsole prints and specialty satin, organza, or rainbow lace options. Each pair has an optional transparent blue outsole with underlying "Just Married" or heart prints. Finally, in a thoughtful touch, there is a lightly padded footbed to help keep you comfortable as you make your way through what is sure to be a long reception. You can craft a pair for both you and your significant other and even include the wedding party with pairs of their own. However you decide to use these chucks, they are sure to make a great wedding memento that will be cherished forever!


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Dye-ve Into Bold New Chucks


Color is such a major part of our lives. We see in color and it is used in everything we do. From expression to advertising, color almost always has a message. We deal with color every day when it comes to our clothes and what colors we choose to wear can say a lot about us. Dark or light, solid or multi-color, what color makes up your wardrobe? Is there any tie-dye in there? Tie-dye is a resist-dyeing technique that has been around for decades and is most well-known for being a part of the groovy counterculture of the 1960s. These days, tie-dyeing still exists as a fun way to add trippy color designs to your clothes and now Converse has created a kit that can bring all the swirls of colors to your chucks.


Get crafty and colorful with the Converse Rit Dye Kit to make your chucks groovy this Summer.


The Converse Rit Dye Kit combines chucks with DIY craftiness and bold colors with chucks. Rit dye is a brand of dye that has been around since 1916, providing generations of people with the ability to dye their fabrics. This kit comes with three incredibly vibrant colored dyes: Cherry Red, Lemon Yellow, and Aquamarine. It also includes one squeeze bottle, a pair of gloves, a “How To” instruction card, tape to cover the soles of your chucks, and a water-based glue and applicator. Finally, the kit has a logo sticker cover, stencil, and Chuck Taylor patch. The Converse website also includes a colorful step-by-step guide with pictures that show how to dip and dye your chucks. This kit makes DIY-ing so incredibly easy and accessible to anyone who has always wanted to do something crafty with their chucks but lacked the skills or tools to do so. It also is available for only $25 which makes it financially accessible as well. So if you’re looking to start a project and create some cool chucks at the same time, the Converse Rit Dye Kit may be the perfect way to kick off the Summer.


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Cowgirl Up in Chucks This Summer


Being a cowgirl is cool again. To be fair, being a cowgirl has always been cool but right now we’re living in a cowgirl moment in pop culture. Beyonce just released her eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter, to universal acclaim and brought her incredible star power to country music. Her take on country and Americana has made the genre hot and Western wear has risen in popularity. It’s serendipitous then that Converse would release a brand new collection of chucks that celebrates the spirit of the West.


cowgirl high top chucks

Chuck 70 western high tops.


The Converse Western Collection includes four types of chucks for a varied range of women’s styles. The first is the Chuck Taylor All Star Western in Vintage White. This shoe keeps the classic silhouette of the chuck, but the canvas upper features leather overlays that give it the look of a cowboy boot. These leather touches along with the decorative embroidery really bring that Western flair. This look is taken to another level on the Chuck 70 Western, which comes in a Tawny Owl Brown and Vintage White combo. This color scheme makes the shoe look even more like a classic cowboy boot. The Run Star Hike Platform Western comes in a shimmering gold and while the extra stitching keeps the cowboy boot design strong, the rugged outsole takes a bit of the Western aesthetic away. Finally, the Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel Platform Western in all white takes the boot look to new heights. The extra ankle length with the embroidery makes this the most cowboy boot out of the bunch. All of these chucks are available in Women's sizes now. So lace up your chucks and giddy-up buckaroos, cowgirl summer is here to stay.


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Seasonal Chucks for 2024


Converse has announced its seasonal colors for its Chuck Taylor line of high top and low top sneakers. Seasonal colors are one time issues that tend to be in lighter colors than their core models which are mostly made on a permanent basis. While there will alway be black or optical white models of chucks, now is the time to get yourself a pair of double cyan or eternal earth brown to add variety to your chucks wardrobe. The new seasonal high top colors include chaos fuchsia, a very bright pink, pale blue double cyan, eternal earth brown, totally neutral which is a light gray, herby, a light green, hot tea, a medium brown, and fire opal, which is a bright orange. Seasonal colors are avaiable in men’s sizes 3 to 13 (women’s 5 to 15) and are priced at $65.


2024 seasonal high tops

2024 seasonal high tops. Top row: chaos fuchsia, double cyan, eternal earth brown.

Bottom row: herby, hot tea, and fire opal.


Five of the seasonal models shown above have matching low top issues, except for eternal earth brown and fire opal. Low top issues without maatching high top pairs include dragon scale green, light curry, tree line light green, and violet shock. These low tops are avaiable in men’s sizes 3 to 13 (women’s 5 to 15) and are priced at $60.


2024 seasonal low top chucks

2024 seasonal low tops: dragon scale green, light curry, tree line light green, and violet shock.


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What Does Your Chucks’ Color Say About You?


Colors are a basic building block of life on this planet. They define our world, bringing our surroundings to life and they, along with shapes, define the things we see. However, have you ever thought about how colors can define your mood to those around you? Color Theory, and more specifically color symbolism, is the idea that colors can carry significant cultural symbolism, or even have immutable, universal meaning. This extends to emotions, and you may recognize this idea best in its use for mood rings. However, the use of color like this doesn’t have to stop there. Who's to say that you can’t let your chucks or even your whole wardrobe express your mood via color?


Colors speak louder than words on chucks.


Let’s take a look at some different colors and what they say about your mood, and explore the different shades these colors come in chucks. Let’s start with the boldest: red. Red is the color of love and passion, but also the color of danger. Wearing red sends a powerful message that you are passionate and meant to be seen. Pink falls on the same spectrum of love, but its cooler tone sends the message in a less blunt way. Blue, the color of the ocean and sky, is often associated with calm, serenity, and wisdom. Green takes its color from nature and it too represents wisdom along with healing. These two colors and their hues let people know that you are someone at one with the world and yourself. Neutral tones like brown and white represent a grounded nature and peace, wearing them tells everyone that you are down to earth and understated in your style. These are just a few examples, but every color has a meaning and says something about you. The only question now is, what mood are you in?


What does wearing these colors of chucks say about you?


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A Chucks Road Trip to Soothe the Soul


More from our correspondent Marcus Angulo: I’m from California. I was born and raised here, and I’ve never lived anywhere else. I’ve been all over the state, from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to the Central Valley. Throughout all that moving around, I’ve always had chucks on my feet. I wore them when I was a kid riding my bike in my neighborhood on the Central Coast and in high school during class and on the team bus to all my football games. I took them to college with me in LA and wore them around campus and as I explored the city. I wore my chucks on every road trip with my friends, whether it was on a beach trip in SLO or when we drove through the Yosemite Valley and the Sierra Nevadas to the state line. So when I decided a few months ago that I was gonna do a road trip to Los Angeles to see All Elite Wrestling’s November Pay-Per-View, there was little doubt that I was going to wear my chucks. Originally, this was gonna be a road trip with my best friend where she’d get to go to a wrestling show for the first time, and we’d get to have our first road trip together since before the pandemic. Unfortunately, life got in the way and my friend wasn’t able to make this trip, and while I thought about not going, I decided to make the most of a bad situation and turn this into a memorable solo trip! So I packed some clothes and only one pair of shoes: my chucks.


I took a day off from work to leave early on a Friday morning, as it’s a 5-hour drive for me and I didn’t want to get caught in LA’s rush hour traffic. The drive down Interstate 5 is incredibly boring, with a sea of nothing but empty fields and the California Aquaduct to keep you company. As I made my way south I did a lot of thinking about where I’m at in my life. To tell you the truth, I have not been in a good place mentally for a while now, and I came to the conclusion that this trip was something I really needed to hopefully get me in a better place. I traversed the Grapevine and got into the Greater LA Area in good time. I decided to make a quick stop at my alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona, to see the changes they made to the campus before heading to my hotel in Brea. I checked in and grabbed some dinner before heading to Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort to do some early Christmas shopping for my family. Disneyland has always been a source of joy for me going back to when I was a kid, so being at the resort put me in a good headspace. I then headed back to the hotel to rest for the big day.


I awoke Saturday and left the hotel early so I could hit some of my favorite spots before the big show. This included heading to the Natural History Museum at Expo Park. They have an amazing collection of fossils and I was a big dinosaur kid growing up. I’m actually still a big dinosaur kid so this was a great time for me. I then got lunch at the Farmer’s Market, which brought back a lot of great memories from college of going there with my family when they would visit me. I then headed to the “Fabulous Forum” in Inglewood for the show. Growing up as a massive Laker fan, getting to see the Forum in person was a dream come true. I made my way inside, took my seat, and proceeded to watch a great show. Full Gear 2023 wasn’t AEW’s best show of the year, but it did have one of AEW’s best matches ever in “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Swerve Strickland. Once the show was over, I headed back to my hotel room to prepare for my drive home.


My favorite pair of chucks at the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles.


Sunday morning I awoke early to start the long trip home. I did take my time as I made my way North though, stopping multiple times to check out some sights and rest stops along the way. In the end, this whole trip was a long therapy session for me. I went to places that were nostalgic and brought me back to happier times, all while wearing my chucks. A comfort trip in my comfort shoes.


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Dress Up Your Optical White Chucks with Retro Shoelaces


Retro shoelaces fit in width between classic shoelaces and fat shoelaces. At 1/2 inch wide, they are the shoelaes that were shipped with new pairs of vintage chucks. If you want to make a color splash with your optical white chucks, dressing them up with a pair of retro shoelaces gives them a bolder look. By using either navy blue or red shoelaces, you can match the trim color on these chucks.


optical white high top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholacesoptical white top top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholaces

Optical white high and low top chucks with red and navy blue retro sholaces.


Retro shoelaces are hard to find these days; luckily The ChucksConnection has a large inventory of the red and navy blue laces shown here in both 45 inch and 54 inch lengths. Go to our shoelace home page for links to purchase retro shoelaces in these and other colors. Now our collection of retro width shoelaces has been expanded to include a 63 inch long white retro shoelace. Now chucks wearers with nine eyelet pair shoes have access to a white retro shoelace. Also chucks wearers with eight eyelet pair models can get retro shoelaces in a longer length. Go to our Shoelaces Home Page for full details, general information, lacing guides, and access to our entire selection of shoelaces for your chucks.


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