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Chuck Talk—Winter/Spring, 2023

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Hersheypark Uses Chucks to Bring Character to Candy!


Theme parks have been a staple of our lives for well over a hundred years now, and they have provided countless memories to millions. Disneyland was the blueprint for the modern theme parks we know today, and their use of the walk-around character was no different. Being able to visit the “Happiest Place on Earth” and seeing characters like Mickey and Minnie was and still is a dream come true for many fans. This led to pretty much every major theme park creating costumed walk-around characters for visitors to meet. Hersheypark is a family theme park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Initially built in 1906 by Milton S. Hershey as a leisure park for the employees living in his company town, the park has expanded over the past century into a full-blown modern theme park. The park is Pennsylvania’s largest theme park and the largest park in North America not located in California, Florida, or Ohio. The park boasts world-class rides, extensive and immersive theming, and of course, walk-around characters of your favorite Hershey’s candy.


Hersheypark 1

Hersheypark 2

Candy Characters are brought to life by their chucks-wearing team members!


Typically when you go to a theme park and meet a walk-around character, the character is brought out by a cast member that assists in bringing guests forward to meet the character and with taking pictures. Hersheypark does things a little differently as they make the assisting cast member part of the meet and greet. These cast members are dressed in outfits that match the candy character they’ve been paired with and each of them wears chucks that also match. These outfits are perfectly crafted to be fun, energetic, and engaging and the chucks are a big part of making the cast member approachable and relatable. The cast members are also equipped with a live mic and they use this to act basically as the “voice” for the candy character. This allows for more engagement than you typically get in these meetings as usually meet and greet characters are silent and have to just emote. This combo of visual personality and interactivity creates a meet-and-greet scenario that is truly magical and one of a kind!


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Spring Chucks to Spruce Up Your Style


Flowers are blooming, rain is falling, and time has officially sprung forward. That means that Spring is here and with it comes the chance to add some new chucks to your collection. Spring is the perfect time to bring some color into your styling, especially when it comes to pastels. Pastels are the official color palette of spring and you can easily find a wide range of custom pastel chucks on the Converse website. Mix and match colors to go full Easter egg aesthetic on your feet. Even just a simple pastel color would be perfect for any Easter Sunday gathering.


Top Left: Pink Chuck Taylor high top. Top right: White Crafted Patchwork high top

Bottom: Chuck 70 Butterfly Wings


There are also some new offerings on the Converse site that are very spring-like in nature. This includes the Crafted Patchwork line of chucks. These chucks feature quilted-style patches that give them a vintage and fun look. The flowery patches are perfect for a retro Spring look that’s different from the rest. There are also the Butterfly Wings which offers an early 2000s-inspired design that is colorful and whimsical with stitched butterflies fluttering on the canvas. Finally, for college basketball fans, Converse has rolled out its Custom College Collection. This collection features graphics, logos, and color palettes for some of the biggest programs in the country. This includes UCLA, Alabama, North Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Duke, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Clemson, and many more. All of the chucks mentioned here are available now on for various prices and in various styles. So swing into Spring with some new chucks!


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Elevate Your Look with New Chucks Heels!


Chucks have always been the shoe for the common person. From their inception, they’ve been an everyday staple in our lives on the court, at work, and in the streets. However, as they have become more and more iconic over the years, chucks have found their way into the halls of high fashion and art. They’ve been worn on the runway and now that runway look is coming back around in the form of the new Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel shoes. Converse has released high-heeled models in the past, and now with their greater popularity among women, there is a new line of high heeled chucks you can buy.


Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel sneaker.


The Chuck 70 De Luxe pairs the unmistakable Chuck Taylor design elements you have always known with a bold, lugged heel for a brand-new look worthy of the runway. These platform shoes offer a unique combination of style and comfort that will help you stand out from the crowd. Starting with a high-top body that goes up your ankle and showcases the iconic All Star ankle patch, the shoe also features a lugged brown sole that gives the heel a rugged look. The heel itself is a chunky platform that is just the right height. This edition comes in two neutral colors for easy styling with your wardrobe: black and egret. This shoe will be a perfect look for anyone looking to elevate their look this summer. The new Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel Shoes are available for $120 now as a Converse exclusive.


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What’s New at The ChucksConnection

Articles and Features:

See the latest Chuck Taylor All Star releases on our Shoe Outlook page. Johnny Knoxville has moved into second place in our Honor Roll for Actors Wearing Chucks in Films and Television Shows with the release of the latest Jackass film Jackass Forever. Our latest additions to the Honor Roll are Logan Miller and Ed Oxenbould.

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Film Reviews:

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New listings: Escape Room, Christmas Ransom, Pizza’s Here!, Aliens Abducted My Parents (and Now I Feel Left Out, Sublime, Welcome Home, My Spy, 13: The Musical.

All of the alphabetical film pages, The Chuck Taylor in Films - A, etc., are accessed from the main Chuck Taylor in Films Page at the top of each alphabetical listing.

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Music Video Reviews:

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New or Updated Photo Galleries:

Teen Boys Wearing Chucks, Teen Girls Wearing Chucks, Zendaya, Converse x Barriers Black Chuck 70 High Tops, Kava Bliss Washed Canvas High Tops, Guys Wearing Red Chucks, Zendaya, Chucks In The Film Three Months, Ads for Chuck Taylor Shoes, Actors Wearing Chucks in Television Series. Most of our Musicians Who Wear Chucks photo galleries have been re-edited with improved links and captions.

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TV Page Features:

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Other recent listings are: Lockwood & Co., Reboot, Night Sky, The Last Bus, Lab Rats: Elite Force, The Conners, The Wonder Years (2021), A. P. Bio, Diary of a Future President, Generation, The Unicorn.

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Videos and Short Films With Chucks:

Blinky, Escape From Lizard Island, Alan Smithee, A Kiss, Bus 89, Man of the Harvest, Star Wars Generations, Eddie and the Alternate Universe, The Attic, The Funspot, Remember When, Brotherly Love.

For more videos and short films: videos and short films link


How to Participate in Chuck Talk.

Let us know what you think! We are also happy to try and answer your questions and inquiries about chucks, and listen to what you are thinking about. If you have some opinions, information, pictures, suggestions, an article or other interesting information to submit, please contact us at


More ChuckTalk Articles

Welcome to the Marvel Chucks-ematic Universe!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been chugging along for almost fifteen years now, and throughout that time we’ve seen some incredible stories brought to life from comic book page to silver screen. We’ve also seen some absolutely incredible super suits, such as Iron Man’s Armor, Captain America with his shield, and Spider-Man in his iconic suit. However, none of those heroes have had chucks on their feet. That has all changed recently with the arrival of Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) in the MCU. The first MCU hero to wear chucks while taking on the forces of evil has ushered in a new age as now, just under a year later, we have our first big screen chucks wearer in Cassie Lang! Cassie is the daughter of Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) and in the latest MCU entry, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, she takes up the mantle of Stinger to help her father battle Kang the Conqueror. With this new name, comes her very own suit and this suit places chucks on her feet. A purple version of her dad’s Ant-Man suit, this suit has purple chucks as the footwear rather than the standard superhero boots her dad wears.


Quantumania poster

Cassie Lang (aka Stinger) in her chucks on the official poster for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.


Between these new super suits with chucks and the appearance of the shoe on non-heroes like MJ in the Spider-Man trilogy and Billy Maximoff in Wandavision, chucks are taking over the MCU. There are a few reasons why this recent uptick may be the case. For one, the MCU is rapidly getting younger with new heroes coming into their own while older ones like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are either killed off or retired. Chucks also fit the personalities of these heroes very well. Chucks, as we know, are the shoes of rebels and trailblazers and superheroes fit the bill. Chucks are also economical and make perfect sense for a young hero trying to make their own suit. With the MCU fully engrossed in the Multiverse Saga, here’s hoping we see more heroes opt for chucks in the future. Heroes like Spider-Gwen, Viv Vision, and Moon Girl immediately come to mind. The future of the MCU is looking bright with chucks on the feet of our heroes!


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Converse Celebrates Black Heritage and Joy This Month


There’s room for Black Joy in every space—the outdoors included. With that theme in mind, Converse has partnered with three black creators to bring to life a collection that reimagines iconic Converse sneakers and classic apparel with a focus on the outdoors. These three creators are Naja, Michael, and Gage. Naja is the founder of Yogalittle, a surfer, and a community wellness leader. Michael is the founder of Usal, a community that provides workshops. Gage is the founder of Ebony Beach Club, a surfer, and a multidisciplinary creative. The collection was launched along with a video that explains the nature theming, with the creators talking about how much nature means to them and their communities.


Black Joy everywhere and every day.


This collection was created in collaboration with Black designers at Converse and is inspired by Mother Nature’s resilience, excellence, and liberation. The collection features two Chuck Taylors in it; a classic chuck and a Chuck Taylor All Star Construct. The Construct features a bold botanical camo print, custom graphic jacquard, ticked stripe laces, and brass hardware. It also has rubber foxing tape and a forefoot overlay for increased durability. The classic Chuck Taylor All Star features a lightweight, durable canvas upper with a botanical camo print. It also has brass hardware, and ticked striped laces to give it a fresh and bold design. The Construct is available now for $95 and the classic All Star for $80. This release also comes with a commitment to donate to the community, and Converse provides a list of charity partners. So celebrate joy this month and check out some well-worthy causes with the Converse Black Joy collection.


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Express Your Love Through Chucks


Smell that? That’s right it’s the smell of love and it is wafting through the air. As Valentine’s Day inches ever closer, the age-old question remains: what do I get the person I love the most? There are plenty of options out there but if you and your significant other share a mutual love for chucks, the answer couldn’t be easier. There’s the annual Valentine's Day collection that Converse has released, and it has a few stylish, heart-themed options. There are the Chuck Taylor All Star Hearts, which come in both black and white colorways. This design is adorned with hearts and gold accents, along with a special Valentine’s Day All Star patch. The collection also includes platforms versions that feature the same design elements.


Valentine's Day chucks

I love chucks.


If you’re looking for a more personal touch though, you can always create a custom paor of chucks for your significant other. The customizer tool on currently has various heart-themed design elements you can add to custom chucks. However, you can also create a brand new, wholly original design that is special to your special someone. Use their favorite colors, pick design elements that they’d love, and even embroider a special message or their name on the shoe itself. Finally, if you’re the artistic type, you can buy a plain pair of white or black chucks and turn your Valentine’s Day gift into a craft project. Paint or draw a design fully from your brain that your special someone will love. You can create any message through chucks this Valentine’s Day as they are the perfect canvas for love!


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Chucks in California’s Indomitable City


When you think of California, what images come to your mind? Hollywood? San Francisco Bay? San Diego beaches? Yosemite? There’s a more than likely chance that the city of Sacramento is not at the forefront. Despite being the state capital, Sacramento has always been the forgotten, oft-mocked, ugly step-child of a city in the Golden State. Often called “Sucktown” and referred to as California’s armpit, the city is derided for not having the extreme natural beauty of other parts of the state and is looked at as nothing more than a farming town whose importance stems from a bygone era of the state’s history. However, the City of Trees is the state’s true hidden gem of cities. Nestled on the meeting point of the American and Sacramento Rivers, the city is full of its own natural beauty with iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge, Sutter Fort, and Old Town.


Chuck Taylor mural in Sacramento

This mural by local artist Maren Conrad is called “Smashed” and is located at Urban Roots Brewery on 14th and V Streets in Sacramento.


We’ve talked before about the connection between chucks and the West Coast. Whether through hip-hop, skaters, punk rock, Chicano culture, or just the preferred footwear of millions of people, chucks have been a staple in the cultures of California for decades. Sacramento is no different, as chucks have their place in the city’s subculture. While some of this is due to those cultures we’ve talked about previously, Sacramento does have their own unique connection. With Sac’s unique natural surroundings, many in the city take the opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer. Day trips in chucks to the Tahoe area and the Sierra Nevada’s are often and very rewarding. Chucks are also a favorite among those who still work in Sacramento’s thriving agriculture industry. Chucks are also perfect for touring Sacramento’s various historical sights, and its thriving downtown. Sacramento will always be California’s underdog city, but this underdog is beautiful and tells its own story. Long live the City of Trees. Light the beam.


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The Last of Chucks


Video games have come a long way since the days of Pong. In the world of modern gaming, you can visit mystical lands, travel to the past or future, and embody the spirit of incredible heroes. Whether playing online or through a single player campaign, you can be inspired or horrified by the stories video games can tell. Arguably the greatest of these stories came in the form of 2013’s The Last of Us. Created by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by cannibalistic people infected by a mutated fungus in the genus Cordyceps. The game follows two main protagonists: Joel and Ellie. Joel is a lonely smuggler with a tragic past, and Ellie is an orphaned young girl that Joel is tasked with transporting across the hellscape that is the United States.


Ellie in The Last of Us

Ellie wears a pair of ragged red chucks throughout the game and in the new series on HBO Max.


When the story begins, we don’t know much about Ellie, except that she is a 14-year-old girl that the rebel group, the Fireflies, want kept safe and transported out of Boston. She is rash, foul-mothed, and impulsive, which is to be expected from a child who has grown up in a world like this. She wears a pair of ragged red chucks throughout the game, which fit her rugged and rebellious personality. Ellie is her own person from the second we meet her and we see that not only through her words, but by what’s on her feet as well. With the premiere of the live-action HBO adaptation starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, we will see this incredible story introduced to a whole new audience, and just like in the game, Ellie’s chucks will let the viewers know immediately that she is not one to mess with.


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What’s Old is New and What’s New is Old


ADER ERROR is a fashion brand that was launched in 2014 by an anonymous group of South Koreans working in diverse fields. They came together to create a creative and fun brand that aims to spread art and culture through fashion. Their brand slogan is “the new is not new.” It’s a philosophy that looks to the past to design what’s next—re-editing to create styles that are both distorted and forward looking. According to the collective, their name hammers home this idea as the “A is for aesthetic; D is for drawing; er is for people (who do something). So the result is ‘people who do something aesthetic’”. The brand has taken this approach to their new collaboration with Converse.


Converse ADER ERROR high top

The new is not new.


This new model is inspired by the old to create something new. The design uses a unique layered approach, that creates a distinct look on the classic Chuck Taylor. The remnants of the blue outer layer create a look that makes the shoe appear as if it is shedding an old skin. The inner white layer breaks through and it features a burnished distressed effect on the foxing. The blue floating canvas overlays are detachable so you can make it so that the shoe has fully broken through. Some other features include a graphic print and embroidered detail reading “The new is not new” that goes across the whole shoe. There is also a custom embroidered overlay suede ADER ERROR ankle patch, custom ADER ERROR lace clip and license plate, and clear outsole with digital transferred ADER ERROR graphic. All these elements together create a unique and creative design from the group. The Converse x ADER ERROR Chuck 70 is now available on


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A Chuck Can’t Change Its Stripes


Fashion designer Rick Owens launched his fashion line in 1994, operating out of a store on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Over the last thirty years, he has collaborated with many brands and designers and launched multiple fashion lines. These labels include RICK OWENS, DRKSHDW, RICKOWENSLILIES, SLAB, and HUNRICKOWENS. With the Converse Limited Edition drops, designers often come in and take the classic Converse designs and remix them. Owens has collaborated with Converse before through his DRKSHDW label. In his previous designs, he has played with the silhouette of the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star to an extreme point. This latest collaboration puts a spin on that design and adds a few new elements to this unique shoe.


White and black TURBODRK Chuck 70 high top

Is this chuck black with white stripes or white with black stripes?


Owens references his past DRKSHDW designs on this limited-edition Chuck 70, distorting and reshaping the classic lines we all know from chucks. This new TURBODRK Chuck 70 uses the same core design as the previous DRKSHDW release. This includes the elongated tongue that gives the shoe extra height, the collaboration’s signature square toe, and the custom DRKSHDW license plate. The new collaboration takes those elements and combines them with a Zebra-inspired color palette. The outer body is covered in black and white zebra stripes on a polyester knitted jacquard material, and the interior is a faux suede leather lining. The zebra stripping even extends onto the rubber sidewall and the black and white laces. The Converse x DRKSHDW TURBODRK Chuck 70 is available right now on the Converse website for $170 in limited quantities.


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Will 2023 Be A Banner Year For Chucks?


People have been lacing up Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars for over ninety years now, since his signature was added to the ankle patches of America's classic sneaker in the early 1930s. The two most popular models of chucks still being worn today, the black high top with black canvas uppers, black racing strips, white foxing, toe caps, and shoelaces, and the white high top, now called optical white, with red and blue racing stripes, bright white canvas uppers, toe caps and outer foxing, have been continuously manufactured and worn for 74 and 87 years respectively. And of course they have the distinctive blue star ankle patches that let everyone know you are wearing a genuine pair of chucks on your feet. Their popularity and sales continue to be strong despite all the many variations to their design sold under the Chuck Taylor name. People still prefer the original vision of Chuck Taylor nearly one hundred years later. It seems every new generation becomes attracted to the look and feel of the classic Chuck Taylor sneaker, and that’s a good thing!


Will Chuck Taylor’s vision for chucks continue to endure?


2023 also is the 25th year that The ChucksConnection has been up on the Internet providing our site visitors with information about chucks as they appear in hundreds of films, photographs, videos, and on television shows. Our many articles, features, and review pages document the strong presence of chucks in our media, their history, cultural impact, and why people like wearing them. We would also like to thank the many people that support these efforts by sending us photos and information about films, videos, and television series where chucks make an appearance. We wish them and all our site visitors happy holidays and remind everyone to continue staying laced up in your chucks throughout the new year.


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Chucks Star in Music Videos


With our review of “Activated” by Mount Westmore, The ChucksConnection has posted its 300th music video review where chucks are in the picture. Whether chucks are worn by the performing artists or by actors playing a part in a story line, the distinctive sneaker continues to occupy an eye-catching presence in so many videos in this genre. For the past ten years, we have documented these performances in hip-hop, pop/dance, r&b, and rock styles, and we will continue to do so in the future.


Still from our very first review of Billy Joel’s “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)”.


You can access reviews of these music videos right here at the What’s New section of this ChuckTalk page. Just click on the What’s New icon below every CT feature. For the complete listing of all 300+ music videos by alphabet letter or style, go to our Music Videos With Chucks page. And if you know of a music video where chucks have a presence that isn’t listed here, please contact us so we can add it to the site.


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Winter Weather Chucks


The cold weather has arrived. That means chills, rain, and even snow have begun creeping into our lives. With it, comes the need for more cold weather-appropriate footwear as your standard chucks may not withstand the wet and rugged winter weather. A few more chucks options are available for winter, primarily the Chuck Taylor All Star TecTuff and the Chuck 70 Counter Climate GORE-TEX. So let’s take a look at these climate-focused chucks and see if they’re worth adding to your closet this year.


Chuck Taylor All-Star TecTuff

Chuck Taylor All Star TecTuff high top.


The Chuck Taylor All Star TecTuff utilizes TecTuff’s proprietary water-based polyurethane material to create a water and scuff-resistant outer canvas. TecTuff leather is used for the heel tab and iconic All Star patch. The inside is lined with OrthoLite cushioning for all-day comfort so they’re ready for all-day use in whatever climate you’re in. These come in two colors: dark beetroot and utility green and are available for $75. The Chuck 70 Counter Climate GORE-TEX is similarly made of a different upper material, this time GORE-TEX canvas which is a mix of cotton and polyester. Water-resistant and lined with OrthoLite cushioning, these chucks are also made for all-day, all-weather wear. The Outsole and All Star ankle patch are made from at least 35% scraps from the manufacturing process. These come in a more vibrant color palette with two color flat laces for an added pop of color. They're available in Black Cherry/Yellow and Obsidian/Light Aqua for $120. Both options are great choices for this coming winter season and can handle whatever weather is thrown your way.


Chuck 70 Counter Climate GORE-TEX high top

Chuck 70 Counter Climate GORE-TEX high top.


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New Shoelace Product Now Available


The ChucksConnection always has a large selection of shoelaces for your chucks, and now our collection of retro width shoelaces has been expanded to include a 63 inch long white retro shoelace. White retro width shoelaces, which were the laces included with chucks in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, are a full 3/8 inch wide. They fit in between standard flat athletic laces (7/16 inches) and fat laces (5/8 inches) in width. Now chucks wearers with nine eyelet pair shoes have access to a white retro shoelace. Also chucks wearers with eight eyelet pair models can get retro shoelaces in a longer length. Go to our Shoelaces Home Page for full details, general information, lacing guides, and access to our entire selection of shoelaces for your chucks.


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Expand Your Chucks Footprint With New Colors


If you are dedicated wearer of chucks, you have a favorite color that gets worn the most. But the great thing about chucks is that there are so many models and colors to choose from. Every year Converse issues seasonal colors, issues of high top and low top Chuck Taylors in new colors besides the standard black, white, red, charcoal, or blue. You should treat yourself to some of these seasonal colors, as they are usually a one time issue, although if a seasonal color is popular, it most likely will continue to be made. Maroon is a perfect example of that. It used to be considered a core color, but for some reason that designation was taken away. But maroon still remains very popular and maroon pairs of chucks still are made every season, a renewal rate of over twenty seasons.


Sand Dune high topSnorkel Blue high top

Sand Dune and Snorkel Blue are two of the latest seasonal high top chucks.


Converse has recently mad it eay to peruse available models of chucks, along with variations like platform and slip on models by color. Here are some of their recommendations: If you like orange choose orange or fire opal; for yellow lemon chrome; for green midnight clover or amazon green; for blue snorkel blue; for purple electeric purple or pale amethyst; for brown choose sand dune; and for pink thre is a pink clay color. Go to our Outlook Page to see images of all these models in high top and low top. As always with seasonal chucks, if you see a color/model you really like, buy it right away as it may never return.


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