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Purchase shoelaces for your chucks. Choose from our wide variety of colors, lengths, and styles. Check out our information pages about shoelaces. View our Photo Galleries showing how various models and colors of shoelaces look on pairs of chucks.

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Shoelace Information

Shoelaces Guide

Lacing Tips

The Shoelace Information Page provides some history about shoelaces for chucks, gives you information about our many cool shoelace styles for Converse sneakers, makes the case for classic tubular shoelaces, and shows how to lace your chucks up in style. The Shoelaces Guide shows every model of shoelace by color and length available from The ChucksConnection, providing you with a large selection of Converse replacement laces. Lacing Tips has suggestions on ways to tie your shoelaces.

buy 45 inch classic shoelaces
buy 54 inch classic shoelaces
buy 63 inch classic shoelaces

Buy 45 Inch Classic Shoelaces

Buy 54 Inch Classic Shoelaces

Buy 63 Inch Classic Shoelaces

Purchase tubular classic athletic shoelaces for your high top and low top chucks in the three most popular lengths and standard widths. These shoelaces come in twenty-seven basic and neon colors. You can buy white converse laces for replacement on your chucks, create an all black look by outfitting your black converse chucks with black laces, or buy our shoelaces in team or school colors to brighten up your chucks and show some spirit.

buy 45 inch fat shoelaces

buy 54 inch fat shoelaces
buy 63 inch fat shoelaces

Buy 45 Inch Fat Shoelaces

Buy 54 Inch Fat Shoelaces

Buy 63 Inch Fat Shoelaces

Fat shoelaces are wide shoelaces that come in widths of 9/16 or 5/8 inches. Due to their thickness they can be worn either tied or untied. Fat shoe laces come in 24 regular and neon colors in the 45 and 54 inch lengths, but only in black or white in the 63 inch length. Black and white are the most popular colors for black converse high top laces and for black low top chucks.

Retro shoelaces for low top chucks
Retro shoelaces for high top chucks
Retro shoelaces for high top chucks

Buy 45 Inch Retro Shoelaces

Buy 54 Inch Retro Shoelaces

Buy 63 Inch Retro Shoelaces

Retro shoelaces are 1/2 inch wide, a width fitting in between classic and fat shoelaces. They are the original width of shoelaces that were shipped with chucks until the 1980s. They are available in black, white, red, several shades of blue, and a few neon colors. New! Now you can get white retro shoelaces in a 63 inch length.

Buy 45 inch extra fat shoelaces
Buy 45 inch extra fat shoelaces

Buy 45 Inch Extra-Fat Shoelaces

Buy 54 Inch Extra-Fat Shoelaces


Extra fat shoelaces are 3/4 inch wide and come in 45 or 54 inch lengths. Due to their thickness they can be worn either tied or untied. Extra fat shoelaces come in ten different colors.

knee high shoelaces
Print shoelaces logo
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Buy KneeHigh Shoelaces

Buy Print Shoelaces

Many New Styles

Buy Weave, Reversible, and Narrow Round Shoelaces

KneeHigh shoelaces are 72 inches in length and are meant for extra high top chucks. They come in twelve basic and neon colors. We also carry 84 and 96 inch skate laces for shoes with many additional eyelets in twelve basic and neon colors. Multicolored weave shoelaces in patriotic and rainbow designs along with narrow round and reversible laces in six color combinations are also available. Print shoelaces allow you to create many different Converse shoelace styles for your chucks. Checkers, skulls, camouflage, peace, tribal band, flames, tie dye, red, white and blue patriotic, and Converse star laces are among the many print designs we carry.

lacing seven eyelet chucks
Lacing 8 eyelet chucks
alternate lacing for chucks

Lacing 45 Inch Classic Laces

Lacing 54 Inch Classic Laces

Straight Across
and Other Methods

For assistance installing a new pair of shoelaces on your seven eyelet pair of Converse low top oxford chucks or on your eight eyelet of pair Converse high top chucks, use our photo guides. Alternate lacing styles for your chucks include the Straight Across, Triangle, Gap, and Ladder methods. See our photo galleries showing some of them.

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