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Linus Åberg wears unbleached white high top Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” sneakers in the series.


Första Kärleken (First Love)


First Love still 1

Daniel and Anna gradually fall in love.


Första Kärleken is a Swedish mini-series produced in 1992 by Leif Magnusson. While the series is no longer available for viewing on television, all six episodes are readily available for viewing on YouTube. The series stars Linus Åberg as Daniel and Alexandra Royal as Anna, two young teenagers whose unexpected friendship develops into a first romance over a summer spent at a lake in the Swedish countryside with their two families. The reaction of their families, friends, and others in the local community fuels much of the story.


First Love still 2

Daniel with his bicycle.


As the series opens, the Andersson family is arriving for their annual summer vacation at their lakeside house in the country. Soon thirteen-year-old Daniel is on the lake, boating and swimming with his friend Anders (Johan Lilja). Anders lives with his parents in one of the nearby cottages. A new family has moved in next door and Daniel notices there is a blonde girl living there that evening when his parents (Hans Mosesson and Ewa Carlsson), who are on the verge of divorce, get into an argument and Daniel goes outside. Across the lake is another boy, Jesper (Christopher Luschan) who has wealthy parents but not many friends. He spies on the people across the lake from him, and also notices the new girl.


First Love still 3

Daniel puts new shoelaces on his chucks.


The next day, Daniel is swimming in the lake when he sees the blonde girl. He tries to meet her and talk, but discovers that she is deaf and her name is Anna. The following day, Daniel and Anders are again in the boat and follow after Anna when they see her swimming. Anna is freaked out by the boat chasing her and gets hurt climbing out of the water. Daniel apologizes for scaring her and the two are attracted to each other. Daniel gets some books about using sign language and starts to learn it so he can communicate with Anna. Over the next few days the two get closer, as Daniel continues to learn sign language and Anna responds to him. This has the effect of shutting out Anders, who is upset about it. Jesper, who has continued to spy on them from across the lake also has an interest in Anna, and decides to befriend Anders to find out more about Anna and Daniel.


First Love still 5

Daniel works on a wooden stilt for Anna.


Daniel and Anna continue to get closer, but Jesper wants to move in. At a Midsummer party he hosts with Anders, he locks Daniel in the bathroom so that he can spend uninterrupted time with Anna. When he is finally released, Daniel fights with Jesper and then leaves with Anna. They decide to go swimming in the lake, but later are grounded by Anna’s mother who suspects that they swam together naked. Later, Anna goes into town with her friend Maria to shop. When they leave the store, Jesper approaches her and offers her a ride on his moped. But instead of taking her home, he takes her to a deserted place and tries to kiss her. She refuses and runs away. Instead she makes Daniel a birthday present and hides it in an abandoned shed. Later Anna celebrates Daniel’s birthday with his family. Anders sees the celebration and is angry that he wasn’t invited. He and Jesper decide to get even and plot against Daniel, forcibly separating him from Anna while Jesper goes after Anna again and throws mud at her when she refuses his advances. Later he tries to implicate Daniel in a purse snatching crime. Things are tough for Daniel and Anna for a while, but eventually the truth prevails and life returns to normal. Jesper is detained by the authorities, Anders regrets his actions against Daniel, and Anna signs “I love you” to Daniel.


First Love still 6

Closeup of Daniel’s left high top chuck.

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