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Maestro Harrell, Bumper Robinson, and Chris Hardwick wear black Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Star high tops in the series.


Guys Like Us


Guys Like Us still 1

Maestro and Jarod


Guys Like Us starred Maestro Harrell as a young elementary school kid being raised by his older brother Jarod (Bumper Robinson) and his roommate, Sean Parker (Chris Hardwick). One episode featured high black chucks worn by all three male characters. The plot surrounded a Halloween pageant at Maestro’s school. All three guys participated laced in high black chucks. At one point, the roommate handed a pair of black high top chucks to the older brother to lace up with his costume.


Guys Like Us still 2

Sean helps Jarod get ready for the play performance.


Guys Like Us still 3

The three pumpkins, Sean, Jarrod, and Maestro, wear black high top chucks.


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