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Sébastien Davis and Quentin Jacquin wear black high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Maxima Boidron wears navy blue low top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Jocelyn Quivrin wears maroon low top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.
Régis Igonnet wears red high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the series.


Les compagnons de l’aventure


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 1

The cast of Season One, Les Six Compagnons.


Les Compagnons de l’aventure was a five season children’s adventure series first broadcast on the French TF1 network from 1989 through 1991. During August, the French vacation season, various teen aged children were left at a rambling house or other resort places in the French countryside, to camp out and hang with their friends while their parents were traveling. This allowed for a variety of cast members over each season. Several of the cast members wore chucks, and many of the kids wore American tee-shirts and hoodies. Various kids would become involved in mysteries or crimes during the series of five seasons and eighty episodes. The story lines involved helping their friends or other people who were in trouble or crime victims, especially rescuing those who were who were kidnapped or held hostage. Publicity for the series stated, “Follow the adventures, often dangerous, of our young companions: mysteries and danger are present in this famous series broadcast on TF1.”


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 2

Maxime’s friends show their concern.


For the first two seasons, the shows were adaptations of classic French children’s literature. Les Compagnons de l’aventure: Les Six Compagnons, the first season of seven episodes broadcast in 1989 was based on novels for young people by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. The six companions were Jérémie Covillault who played Tidou, Cédric Bessière was Bistèque, Mathieu Busson played Le Tondu (Mathieu Poirier), Jérôme Gamet was La Guille, Régis Igonnet was Gnafron and wore red high top chucks, and Pénélope Schellenberg played Mady. Les Compagnons de l’aventure: Michel, the second season was adapted from novels by Georges Bayard. This series of nine episodes was created by Pascale Breugnot and was first broadcast starting in December, 1989. Michel starred Fabrice Josso in the title role, and his companions were Arthur Nauzyciel, and François Rocquelin.


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 3

Sébastien Davis wears black high top chucks in the series.


Season 3 was the biggest season of episodes. Les Compagnons de l’aventure: Lola et les Sardines was set at a rambling country estate where many of the cast members camped out in tents. The forty episodes starred Emmanuelle Boidron as Lola, Gaÿ Etgar as Hoch, Fabrice Josso as Michel (the only carry over from Season 2), Jocelyn Quivrin as Paul, Quentin Jacquin as Fred, Olaf Bécart as Léo, and Pauline Ziadé as Pauline. In these episodes Quentin Jacquin occasionally wore black high top chucks, Jocelyn Quivrin wore maroon low top chucks, and Maxima Boidron, who appeared in just a few episodes as Maxime, a kid that the others were helping to contend with nasty guardians, wore navy blue low top chucks.


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 4

David talks with his friends in the town square.


Season 4 was called Les Compagnons de l’aventure: Les Mégazèbres and consisted of twelve episodes. The main cast included Sébastien Davis as David, Julie Glenn as Claire, Charles Koucem as Manu, and Ghislain Lombard as Adams. Sébastien Davis wore black high top chucks in all twelve episodes. Season 5 was called Les Compagnons de l’Aventure: Les Ouchas and also consisted of twelve episodes. Les Ouchas was a rambling castle in Seine-Port, near Melun. Actors in this final season were Raphaèle Bouchard as Jennifer, Guillaume Barraband as Alex, Max McCarthy as Romain, and Jennifer Covillaut as Anne-Lo. Max wore red and white long sleeved striped shirts, denim overalls and black high tops in the series.


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 5

Fred and Lola seated in front of a campfire.


About forty-five episodes from Seasons 3, 4, and 5 are available for viewing on YouTube. There were also DVDs made of 21 of the Lola et Les Sardines episodes from Season 3, although they may be out of print now. The dialogue is all in French. If you enjoy this type of action/adventure story, it is pretty easy to figure out what is going on even if you don’t speak French.


Les compagnons de l’aventure still 6

Jocelyn Quivrin sports maroon low top chucks in the series.


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