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Larry Mills wears black high top Converse “Chuck Taylor” All Stars in the film.


Lost Christmas

by Taylor Bathel


lost christmas still 1

Young Goose (Richard) and his dog, Mutt, walking the streets of Manchester.

On Christmas Eve, Goose (Larry Mills) hid his fireman father’s car keys to stop him from going to work. Goose’s mother then drives his father to work, initiating a chain reaction that leads to both parents’ death in a tragic car accident. One year later, Goose still carries the guilt of his role in the event—a guilt that has turned him into a problematic ten-year-old. When his dog goes missing, Goose stumbles upon Anthony (Eddie Izzard), a chill-inspiring vagabond whose oddities soon transpire to mystical capabilities.

lost christmas still 2

Recently orphaned, Goose survives by selling stolen objects to local fence, Frank.


Anthony possesses a strange gift: he can see into the soul of every person he touches to find what they have lost. Though he does this all with a sinister vibe—he’s an unstable looking man who cannot remember anything about his past. Despite all signs rendering him untrustworthy, you trust him. And so does Goose and his alcoholic uncle Frank (Jason Flemyng), who’s along for the ride. The peculiar threesome stick together as they search for Goose’s lost dog, and on the way they meet an array of characters.


lost christmas still 3

When Mutt disappears, Goose searches for him unsuccessfully.


With Anthony’s gift, he’s able to see the deepest pains of these characters, and can even try to help them. As the film progresses, all the characters’ lives begin to intertwine. The film constantly highlights how a seemingly unsubstantial move can change your whole life. The theme starts with Goose hiding his father’s car keys, and intensifies with each story told. This theme beckons another: self forgiveness. Innocent choices often have terrible consequences, and sometimes no one is to blame. Characters of all ages and all backgrounds start to learn this…and finally start to heal.


lost christmas still 4

Frank takes Goose to Dr. Clarence's study.


One thing’s for sure: this isn’t your typical happy-go-lucky Christmas movie. Set in England, the gloomy weather paired with dismal scene lighting illustrates the holiday season from the eyes of the lonely. The majority of characters that we meet are simply sad: those who have lost love, family, and themselves. But this early cheerlessness makes the joy in the story more real and appreciated. When those who have lost begin to find, the whole audience is beckoned to self-reflect and count their blessings.


lost christmas still 5

Goose meets up with Anthony, who helps him find what he had lost.


Best Chucks Scene


lost christmas still 6

Mutt is checking out Goose's black high top chuck.


Black high top chucks are an important part of young Goose's life. You see them in every scene he is in, and the cinematography is very chucks friendly. Goose wearing his chucks really stands out against the somewhat bleak urban background of Manchester, England. The best scene is at the beginning of the film, when young Goose has just received his Christmas present, a puppy that he names Mutt. There is a scene where Mutt is on Goose's bed, checking out one of his black high tops.


lost christmas still 7

Goose stops for a moment to tie his shoelace.


Lost Christmas. (2000) Larry Mills, Eddie Izzard, Jason Flemyng, Geoffrey Palmer, Sorcha Cusack, Steven Mackintosh, Christine Bottomley, Connie Hyde.
Written and directed by John Hay. Categories: Drama, Family.
ChucksConnection Rating: 3.5 chucks MPAA Rating: NR (would be PG)

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