“Do You Love Me” by Jay Sean


Jay Sean is a U.K. singer/songwriter who has been active in the music business since the early 2000’s. Known as the “English Ne-Yo”, the singer was a major star in the U.K before he became a household name in the U.S. He burst onto the music scene in the States in 2009 with his signing to Cash Money Records, and release of his Billboard topping hit “Down”. Since that success, he’s had many successful features and singles released all over the globe. His latest dance pop track aiming to be a hit is the song “Do You Love Me”. The song was released back in March of 2017, with two music videos released shortly after.


Do You Love Me still 1 

This lyric video combines amazing dance moves with dynamic font to create a constant sense of motion.


The song is an upbeat dance track that has a really poppy beat that grooves quite well. It has a similar sound to some of today’s current dance tracks like those by the Chainsmokers. Since the song is all about moving to the beat, there really isn’t much depth to the lyrics. There are some great comparisons involving Lando Calrissian and the Millennium Falcon, but other than that the song is a pretty straightforward track about a guy wanting to know if his girl is as in love with him as he is with her.


 Do You Love Me still 2

The dancers chill and move on a city rooftop.


This particular music video is called a lyric video. Usually, this means that lyrics are shown over a plain background, reading more like a teleprompter than a music video. However, this video features scenic shots of dancers dancing on an L.A. rooftop while the lyrics fly by. This makes this more of a second music video rather than a normal lyric video. There’s a sense of dynamic motion throughout the video as the lyrics and dancing blend together on screen. We see some of the dancers wearing chucks, most notably a young man wearing black, “”Hidden Heart” chucks who is visible in nearly every shot. The dancing is top notch in this video and makes the viewer want to start moving as well, which is the point of pop music like this. Overall, this a fun, danceable video that highlights Jay Sean’s lyrics by flashing them in cool graphics on screen.


Do You Love Me still 3

This dancer wears a pair of Comme des Garcon designed chucks.


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