“Gangnam Style” by Psy


We’ve loved it. We’ve hated it. We’ve danced to it. We’ve even tried to sing it. “Gangnam Style” took the world by storm in August 2012, and not only did it climb the charts, but it was also the first video on YouTube to have over 1 billion views. Of course there’s no surprise there. After all, it’s got a catchy beat, a unique style, and most importantly, chucks.


Gangnam Style still 1

 A female dancer wearing chucks.


One of the things that make this video so great is its tongue in cheek humor, and that’s important seeing as there is no apparent story line. It flashes around from scene to scene of singer Psy in different scenarios such as a horse stable, a men’s sauna, and most memorably, an elevator where he is joined by an enthusiastic looking dancer. However, it’s not the bizarre and random settings that make this K-pop (or Korean pop) hit iconic, but the trademark dance that comes along with it. It’s a sort of galloping bounce that you’re guaranteed to have seen somewhere, and if you’ve seen it, you’ve probably tried it yourself.


Gangnam Style still 2

Psy wearing chucks.


So where do chucks come into this worldwide phenomenon? On feet of course! Dancer’s feet specifically, which is pretty important seeing as feet tend to be a focus at the birth of a new dance craze. Throughout the entire video, both male and female dancers can be seeing wearing a variety of chuck styles. Even Psy himself dons a pair as he makes his way through a group of girls doing yoga on the beach.


Gangnam Style still 3

A group dance number where many dancers are wearing chucks.


So if you haven’t joined in on the phenomenon yet, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of chucks and head to the nearest dance floor!


If you have information about specific videos where chucks make an appearance, please contact us at mail@chucksconnection.com.

Put on a pair of dancing chucks (click on the thumbnail to order) and head to the nearest dance floor.

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