“Christmas Everyday” By David Archuleta


David Archuleta is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame at the young age of twelve when he became the Junior Vocal Champion on the TV program, Star Search 2. In 2008 at the age of eighteen, he gained international fame by finishing second on the seventh season of American Idol. Known for his angelic voice and boyish good looks, Archuleta released a steady stream of music to his loyal fanbase until 2012, when he left the music industry to be a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile. Upon his return, he has continued releasing music, this year releasing a brand new Christmas song off his second holiday album, Winter in the Air. The track is titled “Christmas Everyday” and combines Archuleta’s innocent brand of music with the holiday spirit.


Christmas Everyday still 1 

Two of Archuleta’s backup dancers wear chucks as they do a Christmas jig.


New, modern Christmas songs are hard to write. The last true great one was Mariah Carey's “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, and that has now become a standard that people are still singing to this day. This just goes to show that if you write a Christmas standard, you're career is made. Archuleta tries his hand at this with this track that features lyrics referencing all the holiday items that everyone knows: snow, caroling, chestnuts, and Santa. David sings about how he wishes the magical, whimsical feeling of the holidays was here everyday of the year. Archuleta’s light voice is perfect for a Christmas song, and the hook is insanely catchy.


 Christmas Everyday still 2

Archuleta croons Christmas themes in this new standard.


The music video opens with Archuleta singing into an old school microphone, as snow and bells fill the screen. David then spends the rest of the music video singing the song in front of a green screen that’s filled with holiday themes and items. He is surrounded by kids and young people that are wearing christmas sweaters including two kids wearing chucks. A young woman wears a silver, sparkly pair while a young man wears a classic black pair. The chucks go seamlessly with the holiday themes, as they give the impression that everyone is at comfortable and at home proving that Christmas and chucks go together like mistletoe and holly. While there’s no way to know if David Archuleta has created a new Christmas standard, he definitely has crafted a catchy Christmas jam that his fans will love.


Christmas Everyday still 3

Raise your hand if you love Christmas!


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