“Cool” by The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band formed in 2005 in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Consisting of brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, the band gained popularity from their numerous appearances on Disney Channel TV shows and movies throughout the late 2000’s., This includes the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and its sequel, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. They also starred in their own Disney Channel series Jonas (also known as Jonas L.A.) which ran for two seasons. The band released four albums and sold over 17 million records before splitting in 2013 due to “creative differences”. However, after a six year hiatus the brothers reunited with the release of “Sucker” on March 1, 2019, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Their follow-up to “Sucker” is their latest single, “Cool”. Released on April 5th, 2019, the song and music video have already become an instant hit, with the video already racking up over 23.5 million views.


Cool still 1 

Many of the workout dancers in this video wear white chucks in this music video.


The song is all about what the Brothers have been up to since we last heard from them. Nick’s verse talks about the new image he’s cultivated for himself, and includes a reference to his marriage to actress Priyanka Chopra. Joe’s verse covers his engagement to actress Sophie Turner, and a reference to Nick’s last album. This track is all about the band reflecting on their individual success,but they tie it all together with a shared sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.


Cool still 2 

Gotta keep that heart rate up in chucks.


The music video takes place in Miami, and appropriately uses a Miami Vice inspired color palette. Everyone is wearing their most garish, neon, 80’s inspired clothes. This includes the Brothers wearing bright colored suits with tight turtlenecks underneath, and the dancers decked out in 80’s workout gear. The majority of these dancers are wearing white chucks, which really pop against their neon spandex leggings. A funny moment in the video is when Nick sings about how he should bottle his moves on the chorus, he holds up the fragrance from his clothing line, which is an A+ flex. The brothers end up playing a beachside concert for a retirement home, which perfectly sums how they’re not really trying to be “cool”. They’re just being themselves and who they happen to be is pretty cool.


Cool still 3

In a word, Joe is “cool”.


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