“Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper


The 1980’s produced some of the greatest and most iconic pop music of all time. The pop star was truly born in this decade with the likes of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Tina Turner producing hit after hit throughout the decade. Two of the biggest and most iconic songs of the decade came from a shrill voice from Queens. Cyndi Lauper burst onto the pop scene in 1983 with her brightly colored hair, punk look, and distinctive voice. Her debut solo album, She’s So Unusual, spawned the 80’s anthem “Girls Just Wanna Have fun” and the classic ballad “Time After Time”, the latter of which has been universally recognized as one of the greatest pop songs ever written.


Time After Time still 1

Cyndi Lauper’s real life boyfriend David Wolff wears red chucks in this iconic music video.


The song features some simple but effective instrumentation. Featuring simple keyboard-synth chords, bright, jangly guitars, clock ticking percussion, and elastic bassline, the song’s opening is incredibly well known and will immediately put you in the headspace of a lovestruck 80’s teen. The lyrics talk of a devoted love, one that will always be there and will catch you if you fall. On its own, it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and that emotion is only brought to a 10 by Lauper’s vocal performance, giving the song its depth and intimate longing. Truly an iconic performance.


Time After Time still 2 

Off to start their new lives together!


The music video is about a young woman leaving her boyfriend behind after becoming homesick. The video features cameos from Lauper’s mother, brother, then-boyfriend, David Wolff, and Lou Albano, who played her father in the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” video. Lauper plays the young girl, and starts the video by watching the 1936 film “The Garden of Allah”. She reminisces about how she and her boyfriend first met in the record store where she worked, and how he hurt her when he reacted negatively to the change in her style. He’s the All-American boy dressed in denim and chucks, and now she's this punk girl with red, shaved hair. She then gets homesick and decides to leave him, but he stops her and makes a promise to go with her to start a new life. After saying goodbye to her mom, they head to the train station. However, just as they’re about to board, the boyfriend has second thoughts and tells Cyndi he can’t go. She cries and then heads off, promising that she will be waiting, time after time.


Time After Time still 3

“I will be waiting, time after time.”


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