“Saint Nobody” by Jessie Reyez


The best word to describe Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez is authentic. With a crooning and raspy voice that evokes emotion like no other, and stripped down style of tees and chucks, Reyez is unabashedly who she is for every performance. Raw and full of emotion, her songs have garnered her a rabid following and have helped her top the charts in numerous countries. The song “Saint Nobody” is the lead track from her second EP, Being Human in Public, and was released on October 18th, 2018.


Saint  Nobody still 1

Jessie Reyez wears black high top chucks in this music video.


The song is a heartbreaking and emotional cry from Jessie as she explains that she thinks about dying every day. She calls herself a devil and alludes that they need Jesus more than angels because of how they’ve fallen. She says that she thinks her days are numbered but she can go in peace knowing that she gave everything she had every single day. The song is raw and powerful and the blend between Reyez’s songwriting and vocals in an incredible combination.


aint  Nobody still 2

Holding her heart in her hand, Reyez is watched by a crowd of onlookers.


The video begins with her standing in an empty black void. She stands out in her white tee, denim jacket, short shorts, and black chucks. This is something she wears very often, especially the chucks. She starts undressing, taking off her jacket , shorts, and chucks until she’s just standing there in a white tee. The camera pans out and we see that Jessie is actually miniature size, and standing in what looks like a black diorama in a museum. She then takes a scalpel to her chest, opening up her cavity as a crowd starts to gather around her. She opens up her chest to show her exposed heart, as the onlookers look slightly horrified. However, they soon take out their phones and film as Jessie pulls her heart out and holds it for the crowd to see. They begin to cheer and take pictures as Jessie stands there holding her heart in excruciating pain. She collapses as the crowd roars with applause. This video perfectly encapsulates Jessie Reyes as an artist and as a person. Someone who is authentically herself and puts herself out on a stage, baring her heart and soul for people to see.


aint  Nobody still 3

Jessie Reyez bares all in this music video.


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