“Expectations” by Katie Pruitt


Katie Pruitt is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She started playing guitar and singing at a young age. She then attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was awarded the first annual Nashville Songwriting Scholarship from the BMI Foundation. In 2017, Pruitt was awarded the Buddy Holly Prize from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and signed with Round Hill Records. She released an EP and some singles leading up to her 2020 debut album, Expectations. The song “Expectations” is the debut and titular single from that album and was released on September 12, 2019, with a music video.


Expectations still 1

Katie’s friend wears chucks in this video.


The song is an up tempo pop-folk track about the expectations for young adults post-high school. Sonically, the piece shares a lot in common with the Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams” and Katie does share some vocal qualities with Stevie Nicks. Katie talks about how she never did well in school but always pictured a bigger world out there for her somewhere. The track has a great guitar solo on the bridge from Pruitt as well. She’s also able to get a belt in during the outro which shows her vocal chops. Pruitt is young but her lyrics have great emotional depth to them and she knows how to paint a picture of what she’s feeling, which is the most important thing for any songwriter.


Expectations still 2

Schools out for the summer!


The video begins with Pruitt and her friends sitting in what appears to be a study hall. The bell rings and they make a beeline for the exit. We see that several of Katie’s classmates are wearing chucks in this video. They run through the school and we see that this is the start of summer vacation for them which explains why they’re all so happy. The video then transitions to Katie working at a drive-thru and serving her friends just before her shift ends. They all then head to a kickback where Katie gives an impromptu concert and busts out that sweet guitar solo. This video fits really well with the content of the song, showing how carefree and young the kids are before they are weighed down by the expectations of life.


Expectations still 3

Katie and her friends walk toward their futures.


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