“Gang Signs (featuring Mozzy)” by Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg is one of the greatest rappers of all time, but it is incredibly interesting how he has completely reinvented himself over the years. He’s gone from murder suspect and one of the faces of Death Row Records to Martha Stewart collaborator and youth football coach. In between that, he’s also been a podcaster, game show host, author, and guest verse for any up-and-coming pop star. Snoop Dogg is more than just a musician these days, he is a brand and personality. However, he does still put out his own new music. The track “Gang Signs” is from his 2021 album, From tha Streets 2 tha Suites. It features a guest verse from Sacramento rapper Mozzy and was accompanied by a music video on Snoop Dogg’s YouTube channel.


Gang Signs still 1

Blue as blue can be.


The track is obviously about gang signs and throwing them up as Snoop drives around Long Beach. Both he and Mozzy reference their hardships and lives growing up in the ghetto. Snoop has been rapping about this stuff for over 30 years now, but because of his charisma and style, it never really gets stale. His smooth vocals coupled with his always great lines just hit differently. The beat also works really well for Snoop, and isn’t trying to necessarily be too modern or “trendy”.


Gang Signs still 2

Snoop is so effortlessly cool.


The music video opens with The Mechanix (the guys who produced the track) arriving at Snoop’s private studio and headquarters. They bring with them a sealed suitcase that they deliver to the Doggfather himself. He opens it and reveals a beautiful equalizer. The beat kicks in and Snoop starts rapping from a hallway adorned with his records. He’s wearing royal blue high top chucks with his hoodie as he raps above the camera and from the beautiful interior of his blue lowrider. Snoop in chucks is still a perfect match after all these years. There are girls, “medicine”, and plenty of gang signs being flashed. Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton even makes a cameo. This a pretty straightforward and low-budget video, but it fits really well for Snoop. He just seems like a fun guy to hang around and that’s basically what this video is.



Gang Signs still 3

The Doggfather and chucks have always been a match made in heaven.


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