“Warrior” by Kimbra


So this video is—wait...is that the chick from “Somebody That I Used to Know”? Yes it is! But anyways the video—wait one more time…is that that guy from Foster the People? Yes again! Kimbra’s “Warrior” video is full of fun little surprises, but what isn’t a surprise is how great it is. Of course part of the reason for this is that Converse produced the video, however, it’s just a really cool concept in general. We open on a group of captives who are given Lucha Libre masks and taken to a wrestling ring where there is some serious butt-kicking going on. Overseeing the matches is a heavy set “gentleman” stuffing his face with greasy food and waving money around as he bets on each fighter. Off in the corner is Kimbra, hands bound together around her microphone.


Warrior videoshot 1

     Kimbra in the corner.


Somehow there is a combination of ballet and wrestling going on here, and frankly, it works really well. Just enough special effects are used to give everything a mystical feeling, but not too much as to make it look cheesy. The acting—though mainly just a bunch of guys looking scared—is pretty solid, and the song itself not bad at all. Most importantly, each fighter has their own pair of chucks on.


Warrior videoshot 2

The fight begins.  


Yes, the overseer does get what he deserves, and yes, Kimbra joins in for a little action herself at the end as she quickly changes into a sexy one-piece, but in no way is it boring or cliché. “Warrior” is perfectly done and definitely recommended.


Warrior videoshot 3

Fighting in their chucks.  


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