“Let Her Go” by Passenger and Ed Sheeran


Every few years, a sad, acoustic-styled song breaks through the relentless releases of upbeat pop music to dominate the charts. This is because everyone secretly listens to music because they’re going through something, and sometimes joyful pop music isn’t enough to get through it. Sometimes you just have to face your pain head on and nothing makes you face it like an acoustic guitar and sad lyrics. In 2013, this song was “Let Her Go” from the English singer-songwriter Passenger. The song topped charts all over the globe and the original video topped 3.6 billion views on YouTube. To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the song, Passenger recorded a new version of the song with fellow Englishman Ed Sheeran. “Let Her Go (Anniversary Edition)” was released on November 10th, 2023 on YouTube and streaming platforms.


Let Her Go still 1

Passenger wears optical white chucks in this video.


“Let Her Go” is a melancholic song that recounts what goes unappreciated in a relationship. The verses talk about heartbreak and dealing with a breakup, while the chorus recounts how you never realize what you had until it is gone. The composition focuses on some light piano motifs but the rest is bulked out by a snare and some acoustic guitar. This Anniversary version with Ed Sheeran turns the song into a duet, with Passenger and Sheeran going back and forth throughout the verses and chorus, portraying kindred spirits who have been through similar pain. This works as the pain of heartbreak is something that is truly universal and appreciation is a regret you gain in hindsight.


Let Her Go still 2

A simple video which highlights one of the biggest songs of the 2010s.


The music video takes place entirely at the legendary Rak Studios in London, which makes sense since both Passenger and Sheeran are English. They stand across from each other at microphones and are joined by a full band of musicians. The two singer-songwriters are playing acoustic guitars as the song kicks in. They spend the entire video trading their vocals back and forth, Passenger wearing blistering white chucks and Sheeran wearing Jordans. There isn’t much else going on here though, as this a simple video meant to celebrate the song’s anniversary and focus on what has been one of the most popular tracks of the 2010s.


Let Her Go still 3

Kick it into high.


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