“Quarter Life Crisis” by Taylor Bickett


These days the next big pop star can come from anywhere for one simple reason: the internet. People are uploading their own music without the help of major labels straight to consumers via endless platforms online. Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, TikTok, Instagram, all these sites and more are venues of opportunity for anyone with a microphone and a laptop. However, all this opportunity has created a new problem: too many choices. It is incredibly hard to break out in the world of music these days when there is an ocean of would-be stars on every page of YouTube. That hasn’t stopped many from trying to follow that dream, or from sharing their song with the world. One of these up-and-coming artists that is starting to gain a following is Taylor Bickett. Straight from Indiana via Nashville, this indie pop musician is known for her intimate lyrics and outstanding vocal range. Her biggest track has been the Gen Z anthem “Quarter Life Crisis”, which upon its release in 2022, sparked a viral TikTok trend where people used the song to show how they have changed over the years. The trend created half a million videos on the platform and helped the song cross over 30 million streams on Spotify.


Quarter Life Crisis still 1

Taylor Bickett wears black high top chucks with a black leather jacket in this video.


The song is a simple indie pop track that talks about the dreaded quarter-life crisis, or that stage in your early twenties where you start to dread ageing and yearn for the days of late childhood. Taylor talks about how she feels like she was just sixteen despite being closer to 28 now and suffering from the burnout that comes from high expectations. Her lyrics are heartfelt and hit home, and their structure and the sound of the song are both very reminiscent of early Taylor Swift.


Quarter Life Crisis still 2

A diner booth is the perfect place to kick your chucks up and contemplate the existential dread of aging.


The music video takes place in your typical retro diner where a teenage Taylor works as a waitress. It is the end of her shift and she’s closing up alone with nothing but a walkman and acoustic guitar to keep her company. As the song kicks in, she picks up the guitar to perform for no one. No one that is except younger Taylor who watches on with what can be described as child-like awe. We also see who we can guess is the current Taylor in the booths wearing a leather jacket and chucks looking cynical and wary of the world. These three versions of Taylor create a clear visual metaphor for the song, where child Taylor is in awe of her older self, teenage Taylor is blissfully unaware of her place in all this, and current Taylor looks back not knowing how good she had it. This is not only perfect for the message of the song, but also the constant struggle that pretty much everyone goes through as they age. Your best days always seem to be behind you no matter how far you go back, whether you’re at the end of your life or suffering a quarter-life crisis.


Quarter Life Crisis still 3

This is exactly what the quarter-life crisis feels like.


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