“Love Again” by The Kid LAROI


The Kid LAROI is an Australian rapper and singer-songwriter. He first came to fame as a friend of the late rapper Juice Wrld and for his appearances on Juice’s Australian tour. Starting out small and slowly growing his audience to an international base, LAROI has really come up over the past four years, truly breaking out with his 2021 number 1 collaboration with pop superstar Justin Bieber, “Stay” and the non-album single “Thousand Miles”. His song “Love Again” is the lead single from his debut studio album, The First Time. Released on January 27th, 2023, the song was a moderate hit and was featured during LAROI’s Fortnite in-game experience. It even earned a nomination for Song of the Year at the 2023 ARIA Music Awards.


Love Again still 1

“Dang man do you live like this?”


The song is about past love, and trying to reclaim it after it is lost. LAROI croons over a soft acoustic guitar and low drums. It is a very soft song and shows how LAROI really has left behind hip-hop and is pretty much a pop artist now. This is a trend you see all too often with White rappers where they leave behind being a “rapper” to find more mainstream success, and each time you see it happen it’s disrespectful to the genre and the artists who came before.


Love Again still 2

Just a boy carrying his life-sized doll girlfriend.


The music video was directed by Adrian Villagomez and was released the same day as the single. It starts with LAROI sitting with a girl on the edge of a beautiful cliffside. However, it isn’t actually a girl, it’s a life-sized doll named LondonD0LL who LAROI actually followed on Instagram in the week leading up to the video’s release. In the video, they are clearly in a relationship, but it is not a healthy one. Sure it starts with cute dates at the beach wearing matching black high top chucks, but soon the arguments and constant fighting come and these two are never able to recover. There’s cheating and broken hearts in this story of toxic love and loss. It’s as romantic as a story can get when it involves a life-sized doll. This is a weird video concept but it actually fits the message of the song so it serves as a good music video in that regard.


Love Again still 3

Matching black high top chucks for the lovely couple.


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