Like You (Live Off The Floor)” by Alessia Cara


We need more songwriters amongst our pop stars. A song hits differently when the singer has put pen to paper and let their feelings come out. It creates a better connection between artist and listener and is what music is truly meant to be. One of the best singer-songwriters going today is Alessia Cara. The 27-year-old Canadian has been making music for a decade now and has always managed to use her voice to express her heart. With three critically acclaimed albums and hits including “Here”, “Wild Things”, “1-800-273-8255”, “How Far I’ll Go”, and “Trust My Lonely”, it seems the world has accepted her for who she is, and taken those words to heart.


Like You (Live Off The Floor) still 1

The opening title card features Alessia’s well-worn high top black chucks.


The song “Like You” comes from her 2019 EP This Summer, but this specific recording comes from the follow-up live album This Summer: Live off the Floor, which is a live re-recording of all the songs from the EP. With the release of these two projects, Alessia pledged to donate all proceeds from them for the next 21 years to Save The Children. The song itself is a post-breakup tune where Alessia recalls a boy telling her that he “never met a girl like you” right before he left her. Now she knows that he was right and that he never will.


Like You (Live Off The Floor) still 2

Take a seat, play a song.


This music video is from the “Live Off the Floor” Sessions so in fitting fashion it takes place fully on the floor. Alessia is wearing her signature black chucks and a Grand Canyon National Park sweater to really hammer home the casual vibe. She is surrounded by her band, armed with a slew of instruments. There are also lit candles which produce a soft glow and really add to the ambiance. The intimate setup combined with the film grain filter the video uses gives the performance a very old-school look. It is like we are watching a home movie recording of the band on tour from the 1980s. Overall, it is a vibe-friendly video that benefits a good cause.


Like You (Live Off The Floor) still 3

Pure vibes.


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