“obsessed (live from rehearsal)” by Olivia Rodrigo


Live music videos are usually special because they tend to offer something different from the “official” video. While the “official” video tends to be a cinematic story with lots of effects and editing poured into it, live videos are raw and unfiltered. They offer a true look at an artist and what they really are because anyone can look like a star when you have a team producing a big-budget video. It takes someone special to be a star while doing nothing but performing in front of people. With that in mind, Olivia Rodrigo released a live rehearsal video for her latest track, “obsessed”. Released on April 9th, 2024, the video offers a stripped-back look at Rodrigo preparing for her massive tour.


obsessed (live from rehearsal) by Olivia Rodrigo still 1

Olivia Rodrigo wears black high top chucks during this rehearsal performance.


“Obsessed” is the only single off the deluxe version of Guts, Rodrigo’s sophomore album. The song details Olivia’s obsession with her partner’s ex. She is all in on learning every detail about this ex, from pictures to blood type and everything in between. In a moment of self-awareness, Olivia even says that “If I told you how much I think about her, You’d think I was in love”, admitting that she has probably gone too far with this obsession. However, all this isn’t an attempt to tear down his ex. Instead, the song focuses on Olivia’s own insecurities and how they are damaging her trust in her partner. It’s a pretty introspective concept that shows how good of a songwriter Olivia is.


obsessed (live from rehearsal) by Olivia Rodrigo still 2

This bare-bones performance really highlights what a star Olivia is.


This video was filmed during the rehearsals for Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour which started on February 23rd, 2024. It features Olivia and her band performing in a rehearsal space that mimics the stage they have been using for the tour. The camera is handheld and follows Rodrigo around the stage, getting close and backing up intermittently. It’s fun to get this behind-the-scenes look at this group doing what they do best, but there is truly one story here. This video really highlights one thing: Olivia Rodrigo has it. She has that you-know-it-when-you-see-it star factor that makes good musicians into superstars. Even in a black rehearsal space with no crowd, no effects and only wearing a white tee and some chucks, she commands the stage and camera like few can today. And she is still only 21 years old. Olivia Rodrigo has so much farther to go and she’ll probably be doing it in chucks.


obsessed (live from rehearsal) by Olivia Rodrigo still 3

Chucks are a great shoe to perform in.


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