“Bad” by Snoop Dogg and Tha Eastsidaz


Snoop Dogg is one of the greatest rappers of all time, but his greatest feat may be how he has completely reinvented himself over the years. He’s gone from murder suspect and one of the faces of Death Row Records to Martha Stewart’s cooking buddy and youth football coach. In between that, he’s also been a podcaster, game show host, author, and guest verse for any up-and-coming pop star. Snoop Dogg is more than just a musician these days, he is a brand and personality. He also still puts out a lot of music. Through singles, features, and collaborations, we get a pretty constant stream of tracks from the Doggfather. Due to this, a lot of his music isn’t really must hear anymore and can get lost in the shuffle.


Bad still 1

The video starts and a brand new pair of black high top chucks appears.


One of these tracks is “Bad”, a collaboration between Snoop and The Eastsidaz, which is a trio consisting of Snoop, Tray Deee, and Goldie Loc. However, calling this a collaboration is being generous as Snoop only appears in the outro. This track was part of the Snoop Dogg presents Death Row Summer 2022 mixtape that was released as part of Snoop’s revival of Death Row Records, so the presumption is that Snoop’s name is being used to bring eyes to the track. The track itself is all about how things can go bad in a multitude of ways.


Bad still 2

A very loose tying of these chucks.


The music video for this song is an interesting one. It opens with a pair of black high top chucks being dropped at the feet of someone. For the next minute, we simply watch this person put these chucks on, lace them up, tie them, and then walk off-screen. The next set-up sees the person unfold a black bandanna over an ironing board. They use an iron to get all the wrinkles out and only once it is perfect do they fold it up and place it in their back pocket. They walk out of the house into the light. That is all that happens in this two-minute video. It does a good job of highlighting the Death Row iconography of chucks, bandanas, flannels, and a Death Row shirt, but that really is all this video has going for it. It is nothing new and nothing special.


Bad still 3

Laced up and ready for things to go bad.


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What could go bad with a new pair of chucks?

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