“Senile” by Young Money

featuring Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Lil’ Wayne


Young Money’s “Senile” featuring rappers Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Lil’ Wayne has everything. A creepy sounding backtrack, dancers wearing white masks that are sure to make you check your closet twice at night, and settings that throw off an uncomfortable, surreal vibe. The freaky factor is amped up even more by each of the rapper’s eerily calm tone of voice. But the thing is, it is apparent that this video was not made with the intention to be in the horror genre.


Senile videoshot1

An old man walks across a living room.


We begin with an old man with an impeccable resemblance to Santa Claus shuffling (in his chucks!) through a messy family room before the setting changes to reveal a set of dancers with plain white masks over their faces. That in itself immediately makes one think of something a serial killer might wear, but as soon as the lights go off and the black lights turn on, you’ll feel a shiver down your spine. Luckily a break from the dancers comes quickly when the camera shifts towards Nicki Minaj—wearing black chucks—at a playground covered in graffiti. At this point, the camera decides to tilt sideways. Why? That, dear readers, is something we will probably never know.


Senile videoshot2

Nicki Minaj on a playground.


Our third and final setting features Lil’ Wayne in a suburban household hanging around a nice looking family. Granted, he randomly picks up a knife as he raps while the same old man from the beginning whacks what could be his daughter or granddaughter on the head. Don’t worry, there’s no gore, just a flash forward to two of the family members running through the living room holding a blowup door while “Santa” lies motionless on the ground.


Senile videoshot3

 The old man wandering around the kitchen.  


Needless to say, “Senile” is…interesting. There’s a thin line between surreal and creepy, and unfortunately, these musicians missed the surreal mark they were going for, and fell right in the freaky territory. But hey; at least they wore chucks.


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