“Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon


If you’re DJing at a party and need a surefire hit to get the crowd moving, any hit 80’s song is a go to. Whether it’s a classic one off like “Take On Me” or an indisputable classic like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” it’s hard not to dance to 80’s music. Cincinnati indie-rock band Walk The Moon attempt to capture that fun, singular sound in their hit single “Shut Up And Dance.” With that in mind, the song’s music video is a clear homage to 80’s teen movies and culture.


Shut Up and Dance still1 

The 80's and Walk the Moon are referenced.


The song is a straightforward pop track, with the lyrics focusing on the singer’s infatuation with a girl on the dance floor. He joyously exclaims that she is his destiny, and they only need to shut up and dance. The beat is upbeat and fast, with the simple guitar riff complementing the pounding drums. The music video echoes these catchy lyrics. Opening with lead singer Nicholas Petricca walking through a club on his own. After finding a red-haired girl on the dance floor, the two immediately connect and dance the night away. The video then intersperses with the two dancing, failing to marry at the alter, and ultimately dancing their troubles away with the rest of the club goers.


 Shut Up and Dance still 2

Clearly the whole “shut up and dance” thing isn't working.


Chucks appear right away in the video, as the singer’s love interest sports a pair of red chucks to match her hair. She keeps these on throughout the video. The singer also sports a pair of all-white chucks seen later in the video. Later on, additional crowd members can be seen wearing chucks as well. All in all, “Shut Up And Dance” is a fitting homage to classic 80’s hits, and improves on the overall sound for a modern audience. This song is a must play for any party, and is sure to get people to shut up and start dancing.


Shut Up and Dance still 3

Chucks are clearly a crowd favorite.


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