“History” by Groove Armada

featuring Will Young


Groove Armada is an electronic music duo from London that was formed in the mid 1990s by Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. Under the Cooking Vinyl record label, Groove Armada released their sixth studio album, Black Light, in January of 2010. The final track on the record, “History,” is one of the four singles on Black Light. “History” is one of the few tracks on the album that features vocal collaborations. It features vocals by Will Young, a British singer-songwriter who won Pop Idol in 2002.


History still 1 

The star wears navy high top chucks as she reveals her confident and unique dance style—a blend of random jumping and break dancing and other sporadically ambiguous movements..


The music video for “History” is set in a dance studio, where young ladies in black leotards, pink tights, and ballet slippers are warming up for a ballet lesson. As the prim and proper ballerinas stretch in one corner of the room, a heavy set a man and a spunky young woman, enter the studio. There is immediate tension. The video cuts to a close up of one of the ballerinas glaring disapprovingly at the two newcomers. The spunky young lady’s appearance is more unconventional than that of the stiffly clad ballerinas; she has more of a “hip-hoppy” style, wearing a red, black and gold flat brimmed hat, a warm-up hoodie, denim shorts with black leggings underneath and navy high top chucks. She plugs in a boombox and walks over to the ballerinas. She looks at one of them and confidently says, “it’s on,” implying that some sort of dance battle is about to take place. She walks back over to the boombox, pops in Groove Armada’s Black Light into the cassette player and fast forwards to the “History” track.


 History still 2

Chucks girl leans confidently against the ballet barre, welcoming the competition from her snobby ballerina counterpart.


She walks to the center of the studio and starts dancing. She is not a good dancer by conventional standards; her moves are sporadic and ungraceful. Nonetheless, she dances with a great deal of passion, energy and integrity. The ballerinas scoff at the chucks girl’s gracelessness and one them approaches the center of the floor to show everyone “how it’s done.” Chucks girl leans against the ballet barre as she awaits her dose of not-so-friendly competition. Eventually, the two of them stand side by side and silently acknowledge that there is no “right way” to dance.


History still 3

After each of them get a chance to show off their dance moves, they both take center stage in the dance studio and dance side-by-side.


The ballerina and the spunky chucks girl dance simultaneously. They do not dance in sync or according to any distinguishable choreography, but they share the limelight and express themselves according to their own personal standards. By the end of the music video, everyone in the room is dancing in their own unique way.


History still 4

By the end of the video, the ballerinas and the edgy duo are sharing the studio and dancing in their own unique styles.


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